Zek Timeline
Recommended Levels 29 to 40
Introduced: Shattered Lands
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: Zek, the Orcish Wastes
Preceded by: Thundering Steppes Timeline

Nektulos Forest Timeline

Followed by: Feerrott Timeline

Steamfont Mountains Timeline

Side Timelines: Additional Zek Quests
Zek Timeline
Mess Sergeant Akseltz
1. Avoiding a Hot Bath
2. Berries Below the Sea
3. Looking for Lost Crates
4. A Spicy Mission
5. A Swill Time
Quint Cerlius M.E.
6. Innocence and Allegiance
7. Manifest Destiny
8. Tools of the Mistrade
9. Reports from the Borderland
10. Little Lost Landing
Birchbark Oakleaf
11. The Search For Beechlilly
12. The Root of the Problem
13. Dispatch Some Orcs
14. Crystal Clear
15. Wood You Avenge Her?
Lute and Orca
16. Marching Madness
17. Deathfist Cryptology 101
18. Starving For Information
19. Like a Clockwork Timebomb
20. Maintaining the Grassblade Flow
21. Hunt for the Greenmist
22. One if by Sea
23. Overseas Mail

Zek, the Orcish Wastes is a great place to quest at levels 30-35, and offers some additional quests continuing all the way up to level 40. The orcs are quite easy for their level, so players may be able to start some of these quests at level 28 or earlier.

recommended level in parentheses

Deathfist Orc SeriesEdit

Mess Sergeant Akseltz - on east pier of the Warship Dock

  1. Avoiding a Hot Bath (30)
  2. Berries Below the Sea (31)
  3. Looking for Lost Crates (32)
  4. A Spicy Mission (33)
  5. A Swill Time (34) - continues with Quint Cerlius M.E.

Quint Cerlius M.E. - at Three Toe's Watering Hole

  1. Innocence and Allegiance (32)
  2. Manifest Destiny (32)
  3. Tools of the Mistrade (33)
  4. Reports from the Borderland (33)
  5. Little Lost Landing (33) - continues with Birchbark Oakleaf

Birchbark Oakleaf - at Refuge

  1. The Search For Beechlilly (34)
  2. The Root of the Problem (34) - requires 140 gathering skill
  3. Dispatch Some Orcs (34)
  4. Crystal Clear (34)
  5. Wood You Avenge Her (36) - continues with Lute

Lute and Orca - In a camp behind some trees near Deathfist Lookout

  1. Marching Madness (36)
  2. Deathfist Cryptology 101 (37)
  3. Starving For Information (38)
  4. Like a Clockwork Timebomb (39)
  5. Maintaining the Grassblade Flow (40)
  6. Hunt for the Greenmist (39)
  7. One If By Sea (39)
  8. Overseas Mail (39) - leads to the Feerrott Timeline

Note: Although the last step of this quest series leads you to the Feerrott Timeline, you can choose to start the Feerrott quests sooner (around level 35).

Warship Dock and FortEdit

Hammer - up the ladder on the inner wall

  1. Mettle Testing (30)
  2. Short Range Patrol (34)
  3. The Tallon Plunder Chests (34)
  4. Keys for Hammer (31)
  5. Disrupting the Mining Operation (30) - see Quests With Steps in Common

Division Supplier Gaertarn - near dock - Note: harvesting skills of 140 are required

  1. Far Seas Supplier - Gate Clasp (31) - requires Gathering skill of 140
  2. Far Seas Supplier - Black Sap (30) - requires Gathering skill of 140
  3. Far Seas Supplier - Blood Ore Pick (32) - see Quests With Steps in Common
  4. Far Seas Supplier - Snake Menace (35)
  5. Far Seas Supplier - Siren Subterfuge (37) - requires Forestry and Mining skills of 140
  6. Far Seas Supplier - Elven Attack (33)

The Angry Augur

  1. The Angry Augur's Three Meanings of Life (30)

The Meandering Augur

  1. The Meandering Augur's Three Meanings of Life (30) - requires Gathering skill of 90

Cornail Stormwrath - in fort

  1. Local Hazards Abound (31)
  2. Threat Reduction (32) (repeatable)
  3. Threat Reduction (36) (repeatable)
  4. Threat Reduction (40) (repeatable)
  5. Never Double Cross a Barbarian (40) - after ten repeats of Threat Reduction

Ismena Cellus - on dock

  1. Reliving the Past (31)

Hoggle Bogstrutter - on dock

  1. Scattered Notes (31)
  2. A Paradise Dream World (35)
  3. A Tour of the Feerrott (40) - leads you to The Feerrott
  4. The Lost Idols of Modinthule (40, Heroic) - leads you to The Temple of Cazic-Thule


Item-Triggered QuestsEdit

Access QuestsEdit

A rusting key

  1. The rusty key (35) - Deathfist Citadel: Onslaught


  1. The Crossing of the Fanged Sea (40) - Everfrost

Quint Cerlius M.E.

  1. The Far, Far Away Far Pelican (54) - Isle of Mara

Book QuestsEdit

Removed QuestsEdit

These quests used to be regular book quests, but were removed. The books are now obtained through new collection quests.

Quests With Steps in CommonEdit

Removed QuestsEdit

Alchemist's ComponentsEdit

These are all started by finding one of Stalvo's Notes. Each note mentions a different component that is needed. There may be more of these quests than are listed, as the notes are somewhat rare.

All of the notes can drop on ANY mob in Zek. There is SOME evidence that each note's drop rate is higher on the mobs targeted by the quest. This is not confirmed.

Due to the rarity of the notes, it would be nearly impossible to get all the quests and get the master quest while still low enough level to complete them all for credit, unless you are farm here and disable combat XP.

Leelee Brewbubble
Master quests offered only after completing all or most of the others at least once

Object-Triggered QuestsEdit

These are quests in Zek that are no longer in the game. It would seem that SOE rolled many of the old one-off item-triggered quests into the Alchemist's Components series.

See AlsoEdit

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