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Race lich

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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) Scourge Keep (Advanced Solo) (LU100)
Race Lich
Level [level needed] Solo
Location Lich's Brew, emerging from the cauldron
Reported Drops none reported, try LootDB.
AA Exp unknown
Status Points unknown

What does this information mean?


Nearly-faded message

A nearby Nearly-Faded Message lists the ingredients needed

Vile essence

Vile Essence

Deathrot oil

Deathrot Oil

Maiden's scream

Maiden's Scream


  • To spawn Yallessulich, you will need to collect several ingredients.
    • Vile Essence (SW tower, top floor) in Old Deathfist Stockpile ( 19, 17, 28 ) /waypoint 19, 17, 28.
    • Phylactery (nearby in Lich's Brew) ( -22, 8, 29 ) /waypoint -22, 8, 29.
    • Deathrot Oil (The Depleted Armory) ( -8, 1, 22 ) /waypoint -8, 1, 22.
    • Blood Sap (the arrow piercing the orc on tree outside the keep) ( 139, -12, 138 ) /waypoint 139, -12, 138
    • Maiden's Scream (across from cauldron) ( -16, 9, 41 ) /waypoint -16, 9, 41 is not needed for the recipe, but may be used during the fight.
  • Once you have all the materials, put Maiden's Scream on a hotbar for use during the fight, then click the cauldron.
  • Yallessulich spawns above the cauldron, you must to pull him away from the cauldron to damage him.
  • Yallessulich spawns an add every 20 seconds or so, which is inactive for 5 seconds, then launches a high-damage probably one-shot-kill attack.
    • An orange text appears with the first add telling you to use your Maiden's Scream to stop the add attacking, but after that you have to watch for new adds.
  • Yallessulich creates a fog that slows down your casting. Pull him away from the fog and stay out of the fog yourself.

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