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Myr Druzaic Shrine
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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Language  (AA)
Journal Level 45 (Tier 5)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone see Starting the Quest below
How to Start Examine a book in one of the starting cities as noted below.
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Starting the Quest Edit

The starter for this quest exists in five separate locations:

  • North Freeport, Academy of Arcane Science, main floor ( 11, -7, -128 ) /waypoint 11, -7, -128, stack of books on top of the table
  • South Qeynos, Mage Tower, yellow teleporter ( 707, 82, 127 ) /waypoint 707, 82, 127 "Words of Pure Magic" text.
  • Kelethin, Kelethin Research Library building, ( 136, 109, 178 ) /waypoint 136, 109, 178, half stack of books on table
  • Neriak, City of Hate, Library of K'Lorn, ( -686, 18, 249 ) /waypoint -686, 18, 249, books on top of the shelf
  • New Halas, Glacierbane's Vault, ( -117, 148, -82 ) /waypoint -117, 148, -82, open book on the floor beside Dannon Ramsdell


After examining the quest starter, you must find four Druzaic Shrines in the Shattered Lands. Each shrine warps between locations in two different zones of the same tier, about once an hour. If a shrine can't be found in one zone of that tier, then it should be up in its counterpart zone. However, keep in mind that there is a delay between the shrine appearing in each of its warping locations. The delay seems to be anywhere from a few moments to up to 45 minutes in some cases.

Myr Druzaic Shrine
The Myr Druzaic Shrine in Zek, the Orcish Wastes

Shrines are found in the following locations:Edit

Vul'Zet Druzaic Shrine (Tier 3)Edit

On the coastline next to the earth rumblers, near the giant camps.
East of Dragoon K'naae. nighttime

Vul'Myr Druzaic Shrine (Tier 4) Edit

On the Isle of the Three Pines (with Nightblood General Bloodburn) in the northeast corner of the zone. (daytime at about 11:30 am Norrath time, 59p, and also seen nighttime 9.30pm Norrath time, but not at 2pm)
Behind Deathfist Citadel. (Although, you should proceed with caution if Grumzod the Exile, epic x4, is spawned in the area. Not seen at 2:45pm)

Vul'Kab Druzaic Shrine (Tier 5)Edit

Does not show up every day. May have to wait a game day or more for it to appear in either spot.

  • Rivervale ( -809, -5, -290 ) /waypoint -809, -5, -290 Eq2map nighttime

Also spawned just after midday Norrath time. Confirmed 1/4/14 on Freeport server.

Near The House of Circles, behind Rukir Pineleaf's house.
  • The Feerrott ( -1094, 0, 913 ) /waypoint -1094, 0, 913 Eq2map appeared 7:24 am norath time
In a cave next to the Gulch of Thule. Head East from the Druid Rings.
Kab Druzaic Shrine
Kab Druzaic Shrine in Feerrott, near the Gulch of Thule.

Vul'Uzu Druzaic Shrine (Tier 5)Edit

  • Everfrost ( 503, -108, -1605 ) /waypoint 503, -108, -1605 Eq2map
Past the entrance to Permafrost, underwater and west of where Master Webclaw spawns. (Just northwest of the Spires) night (about 1am Norrath time) or daytime (about 1:30pm Norrath time)
  • Lavastorm ( 86, -32, 139 ) /waypoint 86, -32, 139 Eq2map
Southwest of the Dragon's Breath Tunnel which takes you up to Solusek's Eye.

Reward Edit

  • The ability to speak the Druzaic language
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