Commonlands Timeline
1. Hyena Jerky
2. Seafood Surprise
3. Crack Pot
4. Wisp-er Sweet Nothings
5. Rhino-rific
6. O' Mugwump Where Art Thou?
7. Overlord's Omelet
8. Pachyderm Punch
9. Mushroom Madness
Madam Vi
1. Quenching Their Thirst
2. Far From Home
3. No Risk, No Reward
4. Seer Stone
Captain Vertas
1. Trouble About
2. More than Meets the Eye
3. Proving Your Worth
4. Confusion is the Key
5. One Final Task
Brandus Levine
1. The Mysterious Missing Shipment
2. A Friend in Need
3. Collecting On What Is Earned
4. Starting The Negotiations
5. Finishing the Negotiations
6. A Meeting Interrupted
J.P. Feterman
1. Proof is in the Pudding
2. A Hunter's Tool
3. Big Game Hunting
4. Grizzlefang's Mane
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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Commonlands  (AA)
Journal Level 14 (Tier 2)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Commonlands more
How to Start Speak to Mooshga, who is at the gates to West Freeport ( -1272, -88, 32 ) /waypoint -1271.74, -87.72, 32.38
part of: Commonlands Timeline
Preceded by:
Crack Pot
Followed by:

What does this information mean?

This quest is part 4 of a 9-part quest series in the Commonlands Timeline.

Steps Edit

  1. Slay 10 wisps. They can be grove wisps (level 13) or moon wisps ( -177, -48, -437 ) /waypoint -176.84, -48.02, -436.96 (level 15). Find them in the trees north of the crossroads ( -550, 0, -550 ) /waypoint -550, 0, -550. You may not get a quest update with every one you kill however.
    • Note: to hit wisps with melee attacks, you will need a magical weapon.
  2. Return to Mooshga.

Rewards Edit

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