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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature
Journal Level 90 (Tier 10)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone The Stonebrunt Highlands more
How to Start Speak to Al'leed Velgho ( 1980, -298, 3375 ) /waypoint 1980, -298.22, 3374.73 in the Hall of Wizardry in The City of Paineel
part of: Seeking Lucan Timeline
Preceded by:
In Search of Lucan
Followed by:
Confronting the Godslayer

What does this information mean?


  1. Speak to Fyr'remd Lorak( -534, 377, 638 ) /waypoint -534, 377, 638 in The Stonebrunt Highlands near the Quel'ule Station.
  2. Destroy 12 Void creatures and collect their marks (auto update). For example kill the Voidbeasts around ( -423, 459, 335 ) /waypoint -423, 459, 335
  3. Return to Fyr'remd Lorak.
  4. Venture into the Library of Erudin and obtain the tome from the guilty Primarch (the final encounter of the zone).
  5. Return to Fyr'remd to tell him of your progress.
  6. Obtain 8 samples of decrepit blood from undead in Befallen: Halls of the Forsaken.
  7. Enter The Temple of Anashti Sul's at ( -944, -229, -1041 ) /waypoint -943.94, -229.02, -1040.76 From Sinking Sands, and summon her by clicking on the raised bath at ( 0, -13, -99 ) /waypoint 0, -13, -99.
    • Note: The cave to the backdoor entrance of Silent City is at ( -876, -235, -1261 ) /waypoint -876, -235, -1261. This is also the entrance for The Temple of Anashti Sul's. Being in a group may prevent this option from showing up, and since only the person who summons her will get an update, everyone on this step should drop group and go in solo to get their updates.
  8. Speak with Anashti Sul to learn more about Roehn Theer.
  9. Return to Fyr'remd Lorak and inform him of what you have discovered.


  • At least 41g 63s 17c
  • 19760 status (at level 90)

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