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Watchman's Spidersilk (set)

A female human wearing Watchman's Spidersilk set

Armor Set: Watchman's Spidersilk

Having (x) number of parts, you will receive :

(3) +3 Defense
(5) Applies Watchman's Ward.

  • When target is damaged with a melee weapon this spell has a chance to cast Watchman's Ward on caster. Lasts for 12.0 seconds. This effect will trigger an average of 1.8 times per minute.
    • Wards caster against 100 points of Slashing damage
(7) +4 Deflection

This armor may be worn only by: Fighters, Priests and Scouts. This armor is dropped as follows:

Headrandom clockworksKlak'Anon
Shoulders[information needed][information needed]
Chest[information needed]Klak'Anon
Forearms[information needed][information needed]
Hands[information needed]Klak'Anon
Legs[information needed][information needed]
Feet[information needed][information needed]

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