Armor Set: Warlord's Primordial
No special bonus is gained by the wearing of multiple pieces of this set.

This armor may be worn only by: Berserker.

These pieces are available for vendor purchase from Muram Bladebender at ( -102, -1, -36 ) /waypoint -102, -1, -36 in The Fortress of Drunder at The Great Forge.

The pieces of this set can also be crafted by level 90 Artisan who have purchased the recipes, Ancient Armor of War from Brontis in The Great Forge.

Note that the Primordial Breastplate of the Warlord only drops from a mob. It can not be purchased or crafted. You can create it from a Irradiating Breastplate wich drops from Warmaster Deynka Packlasher in Tower of Tactics

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