The warg is a large, aggressive breed of wolf often used as a mount.

They are found in a number of varieties throughout Norrath. The larger and more aggressive varieties are classified as dire wargs. They are found in a variety of colors, most commonly black, brown, and gray, though orange, red, and even pink varieties can be observed. Warg fur patterns are generally solid, striped, spotted, or two-Tone. Other specimens include the ghostly, ghostly dark, enchanted, Mistrunner, and Nightmare varieties.

The seniormost male of a pack of wargs is regarded as the alpha.

A warg that is wearing armor is referred to as reinforced.

Among the more renowned trainers of these ferocious beast is Wolfmaster Heinrich from the Village of Somborn in Loping Plains, Faydwer.

Real World EtymologyEdit

The word "warg" is a modern Anglicization of a number of prototypical words, including vargr (old Norse for "wolf"), würgen (German for "strangler"), and varg (Swedish for "wolf").

Warg is also the Dutch word for wolverine.

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