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Commonlands Warfield

Commonlands Warfield


Only available on PvP Servers - Nagafen and Vox Pvp Exchange

Antonica has once again become a hotbed of conflict! Will your land be overrun or will your force prevail against the sieges?

  • Warfields are a Good vs. Evil event, with participation starting at level 10.
  • Discord Tokens are awarded (up to 6 tokens) at the end of each event.
  • The event occurs every 2 hours, with each event lasting for 30 minutes.
  • Antonica and The Commonlands zones have been changed to a level range of 10 (from four) to allow a wider range of skirmishes.

Event Descriptions - OffenseEdit

Four towers (i.e. located near the griffin towers and one near the North Qeynos city gate, for Antonica) will spawn 10 minutes before the skirmish begins. At the start of an event, the towers will spawn 5 guardian statues that can be destroyed by enemy invaders. The defenders are not able to interact with the Tower Guardians. The Tower Guardians are protected by powerful magic but are vulnerable to enemy players depending on their levels. Each Tower Guardian has a protection spell and a colored particle-effect associated with it.

  • The Purple Tower Guardian is level 30.
  • The Blue Tower Guardian is level 50.
  • The Green Tower Guardian is level 70.
  • The Red Tower Guardian is level 90.
  • The White Tower Guardian is in the middle.
    • Destroying the White Tower Guardian ends the event.

If all four Towers are destroyed, the invaders are victorious! If any Tower Guardian is still active by the time the 30 minutes elapse, the siege fails.

Event Description - DefenseEdit

  • Prevent the destruction of the Tower Guardians at each of the four towers.
  • The defenders have 10 minutes to prepare for the siege and must then defend all four towers in 30 minutes.
  • If at any point during the 30 minutes all the Tower Guardians are defeated, the event ends.

Warfields Skirmish Earth TimesEdit

1:30 am - Antonica
3:30 - The Commonlands
5:30 - Antonica
7:30 - The Commonlands
9:30 - Antonica
11:30 - The Commonlands
1:30 pm - Antonica
3:30 - The Commonlands
5:30 - Antonica
7:30 - The Commonlands
9:30 - Antonica
11:30 - The Commonlands

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