EverQuest II Prestige Information
Subclass Prestige » Paladin Subclass Prestige
Vital Trigger Rank (*/1)
Subclass Prestige 2 points
Requires 20 points spent in the Paladin Prestige tree.
The fighter inflicts increasing damage and threat to their target, while gaining increased effectiveness from Stamina and restoring a small amount of health to their allies.
Target Enemy
Power 121
Casting Instant
Recast 3.6 seconds
Duration 15.0 seconds
Range Up to 5.0 meters
Hit Bonus 100% Easier
Max Increments 4
Increment Gain 1
  • Inflicts X - Y melee damage on target
  • Increases the Stamina Bonus of the Caster by 250. Each increment increases this by 25.
  • This ability terminates at 4 increments. When this spell wears off or is removed, it will go into reuse for a base reuse time of 60 seconds.
  • Increases threat by 30% of the caster's maximum health if the caster is in front of the target and reduces it otherwise. The damage and threat of this ability are multiplied by the increment count, and the threat component cannot be modified or critically hit.
  • Heals the caster's group (excluding the caster) for 5% of their maximum health. Each increment increase the heal by 1.5%

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