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Vital Intercession III

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EverQuest 2 Spell Information
Vital Intercession III
Icon orange hands holding light
Wheel Gold Cup
Augmentation that heals an ally when they are attacked, and has a limited number of heals before expiring.

Target Raid or Group Friend
Power 79
Casting 2.0 seconds
Recast 6.0 seconds
Duration 30.0 seconds
Range Up to 20.0 meters
Level 26



  • When target takes any damage this spell will cast Supplicant's Prayer on target.
    • Heals target for (see below)
    • Grants a total of 5 triggers of the spell.
Vital Intercession Spell Line

Spell Effects by Spell Rank
Effect Apprentice Journeyman Adept Expert Master Grandmaster
Reactive Heal  ? 94-115 103-126 120-147 137-168

Gray cells correspond to unavailable ranks of the spell.

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