Vermin's Snye
Levels 10-18
Vermin come in all shapes and sizes
Introduced Shattered Lands
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to The Peat Bog
The Down Below
The Crypt of Betrayal
Instances The Sepulcher of Jahnda
Quest Lines Qeynos Catacombs Timeline
Quests NPCs Monsters Named
Drops Instances POIs Discos

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Many of Qeynos' residents avoid the catacombs beneath their feet, considering them an unsavory area. It is true that within the catacomb walls, one will find a variety of unwholesome creatures -- shrillers, rats of all sizes and the occasional undead creature. Do not let these little inconveniences discourage you. A well-prepared visitor can usually make the trek to visit the drain reservoirs without much effort. Vermin's Snye is well-lit, probably by the city workers who clear out the muck to enable the waste water to flow freely.


Once the peaceful resting place of the early elves and men that helped build Qeynos at the time of Antonius Bayle I, Vermin's Snye fell into its current state sometime around the War of Plagues. Servants of Bertoxxulous, the Bloodsabers, began to infest all of the catacombs and the resplendent Vermin's Snye was corrupted along with the other levels of the catacombs. What was once a hallowed tomb honoring Qeynosian heroes of old has become a den of filth and decay. While Qeynos's leaders squabble over petty politics, brave adventurers are needed to help remind Vermins' Snyes inhabitants what it means to have honor.



  • From The Down Below: ( -70, 0, -110 ) /waypoint -70, -0, -110
  • From The Peat Bog: ( 579, -33, 505 ) /waypoint 579, -33, 505
  • From The Crypt of Betrayal: ( -8, -5, 1 ) /waypoint -8, -5, 1 and ( 161, 2, -206 ) /waypoint 161, 2, -206


  • To The Down Below: ( 112, -11, -98 ) /waypoint 112, -11, -98
  • To The Peat Bog: ( 127, -11, -98 ) /waypoint 127, -11, -98
  • To The Crypt of Betrayal: ( 2, 0, -185 ) /waypoint 2, 0, -185 and ( 7, -5, 0 ) /waypoint 7, -5, 0



  • "Snye" means a backwater or a side-channel.

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