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Veil of the Unseen

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EverQuest 2 Spell Information
Veil of the Unseen
Icon orange empty cowl
Distorts the reality around target ally, granting them invisibility and protecting them from indirect area effects. This spell can only be maintained on a single ally.

Target Group Friend
Power Scales with level
Casting 4.0 seconds
Recast 5.0 seconds
Duration 10.0 minutes
Effect Radius 10.0 meters
Level 15



  • Grants Invisibility on caster
  • Protects target from indirect AoE damage
  • Suspends all movement speed buffs
  • Dispels if target takes damage
  • Dispels if target engages in combat
This spell is not upgradeable

Power CostEdit

  • Scales with level (approx. 1.75*Lvl+5 power)

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