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increases your ground speed by 75%,air speed by 150%,crit bonus by 3%,potency by 3%,crit chance by 10,max health by 400,max power by 400. you can get this mount from finishing all the skyshrine collections,included collections: A Dragon's Dream Come True(collectable to get u started Doll of a Fearless Berserker) Ancient Armor Ingredients(collectable A Crushed Flame Emerald) Followers of Lord Yelinak(collectable The Seer's Amulet) Golem Remains(collectable An Aged Golem Sentinel's Remains) In Verneration of the Elders(collectable A Relic of an Elder Ruby Drake) Requests of the Crusader(collectable A Shimmering Phantasm Stone) Supreme Laochsmith Psorin's Custom Helms(collectable A Battered Crown of the Kronzek Kings) The Fe'Dhar Family Brand(collectable Fardonad Fe'Dhar's Stamp) The Merchants of Skyshrine(collectable Raelrik's Medallion) Threads of Charisa's Robe(collectable Green Thread of Benevolence) ~after finishing all thoughs collections u will have all the collectable to the actual collection for the mount(collection Airs Above the Ground). i hope this helps you all!

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