Top: a view that shows the "Hobbit hole". Bottom: the view from the smaller islet to show the scale of the island.

Housing Type: Prestige Housing
Obtained: purchased from the Marketplace
Available Locations:
Quantity Limit: one per character
House Style/Theme: small, island
Mount Use Within: none allowed

General Prestige Home InfoEdit

Like all Prestige homes:

  • you must first get a deed first and then travel to the location and "buy" it for zero coin.
  • it has no recurring upkeep ("rent") of any kind.
  • you can get a portal to place in other homes or (if you have access) your guild hall
  • you can travel to it quickly if you already own it; press C to open the character sheet, click the Housing tab, locate the house on the list and click the Enter button

About This HouseEdit

Vale of Halfpint Delight is an island inspired by Rivervale, though it the same island turned up later in the Tradeskill Timeline quests for Raffik. It is a fairly open island, with minimal fixed trees. The fields are a deep green here and one looks like it was used to grow crops. The entry is near a small dock.

In the hillside is a small "Hobbit hole" house, which features two small rooms with rounded sides. At the time the island was released, there were no doors to fit the house. In the years since, you will find some on the Marketplace that were created by player-artists and a couple that come from events like Brew Day.

Cost and Item CountEdit

Prices for all Marketplace items is subject to change at any time. Item limits have been increased in the past and can change at any time.
  • Cost: 1350 Daybreak Cash unless you have an All Access membership, which grants a 10% discount as of 2016.
  • Base Item Limit: 900 and 900 building blocks

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