Uzdrak the Invincible

Uzdrak the Invincible

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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) The Temple of Kor-Sha (Rise of Kunark)
Race Golem
Level 84▲▲▲ Tier 9 Epic x4 , (Approx. HP: 5,900,000)
Location On some steps leading down to a library area. ( 919, -66, 549 ) /waypoint 919, -66, 549
Reported Drops
AA Exp Yes
Status Points 15210

What does this information mean?


Uzdrak hits hard to start, and does a knockback ae which has a curable tramua dot. After he gets about 50% health he begins healing with 600kish heals each time. You can't keep dps'ing him down. He eventually runs out of power but just keeps on healing anyways. There are two other mobs down below him which are non-kos as well. A chanter and a warrior. We dps'd the mob to 50% to put him in healing mode and broke off and killed the chanter x 2 mob. After he was dead Uzdrak was in dps mode again so we dps'd him down to 50% again to make him heal while we killed the warrior x 2 mob. We started killing warrior x 2 mob but main mob was no longer healing so needed extra heals on main mob. Finished warrior x 2 then dps'd down the named.

-- The tactic that worked for us best was, pull uzdrak downstairs in room between the x2s. get maintank stable, once tank is stable offtank grabs 1st x2 all dps on it and kill fast, then OT grabs 2nd x2 kill it again with all dps. after they are dead just finish off uzdrak.

the melee x2 mob can deal some serious damage so debuff him, and the caster x2 has a stun aoe so tell your healers to stay ranged on him.

--- Uzdrak's AoE is called Iron Vortex. Without Tswipe on him it goes off like clockwork at the 35 sec. mark. We found it's best to not worry about the 50% mark. Pull Uzdrak to the top of the stairs and leaving only the MT group up top. Make sure the MT group is stable, then have an offtank pull the chanter and burn. Then, pull the warrior and burn. When they are done, have the raid force come to the top of the stairs...backs to the wall and burn named. Iron Vortex does not hit that hard, can be easily cured by healers, even if they are slow curers. Iron Vortex also has a knockback...just annoying more than damaging.