The Planes of Prophecy is coming live tomorrow 28.11.2017!

  • How to get to the new zone: Use any spire and travel to the Plane of Magic.
  • In the Plane of Magic at ( 1170, 792, -1585 ) /waypoint 1170, 792, -1585 is Tishan's Lockbox he sells crates of gear for level 100 charaters based on the class. The crates are sold for Oc.
    • The gear pieces are slighty better than KA T1 Expert raid gear.
  • Things todo: the Planes of Prophecy Timeline
    1. start the signature line
    2. get 1 of the 3 Factions up to +30k to +50k (one at the time not all 3 at once)
    3. finish the signature line to access to the solo/heroic and raid zones!
    4. get all 3 factions to +50k - to get an "upgrade" for the secondary from Kunark Ascending
  • Do quests to level up to 110 and to get your ascension classes from 10 to 15!
    • some quests reward with Celestial Ascension -- When consumed this potion increases the active Ascension class of the caster by 1 to a maximum of 15. -- this is the only way to level the ascension classes from 10 to 15!