It's summertime, which means warmer temperatures, picnics, and of course – Ethereals in EverQuest 2 have begun!

During these events, when you complete a mission in Kunark Ascending expert zones you’ll receive Sathirian Ethereal coins. Each character can earn up to 3 of these coins per day (6 if you are a Member!) which may be exchanged for rewards with Lakathen, The Traveler in the Obulus Frontier.

In rare circumstances receive an Expert’s Ethereal Cloak or a choice between a class specific ethereal focus or universal ethereal rune.

Over the course of these events, there will be several periods where you will have the opportunity to earn even more Ethereal coins!

  • Schedule:
    • Wave 1: Available July 11 – August 7
      • Double Rewards: August 4 – August 7
    • Wave 2: Available August 4 – September 4
      • Double Rewards: September 1 – September 4
    • Wave 3: Available September 1 – October 6
      • Triple Rewards: All rewards will be available again for a limited time from September 29 – October 6!

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