Days of Summer Adventures Have Returned! Each week starting Tuesday, August 21st at 12:01AM PT, All Access members can log into any character and earn rewards for all characters on their account by completing Yun Zi’s weekly quest! Yun Zi will have additional quests and rewards added each week, so be sure to stay on top of helping him out if you want to snag all of the possible rewards before summer ends!

The quests of the The "Travels" of Yun Zi Timeline:

  1. The new "Travels" of Yun Zi - Antonica or Bust
  2. The new "Travels" of Yun Zi - Commonlands, Uncommon Heart
  3. The new "Travels" of Yun Zi - Run Nektulos Forest Run
  4. The new "Travels" of Yun Zi - Thundering Steppes By Steppes
  5. The new "Travels" of Yun Zi - Disenchanting the Enchanted

the upcomming quests unsure in which order: