Plane of War

  • Rallos Zek now drops his cloaks 100% of the time.

The Fabled Clefts of Rujark

  • The encounter consisting of Crushbone Adepts, Gak, Nihx, & Shrakt should now start to respawn again based on its respawn timer under the condition that Ambassador Vuzur is not currently spawned.

The Fabled Djinn Master's Prism

  • Base population Djinns have lower health. Each mini boss now drops a Scepter of Unchained Melodies, all 3 can be activated in the final fight.


  • "Power of the Freeblood" is now Lore.
  • The Wurmslayer can now be changed between one handed, and two handed wield from inventory by examining the weapon.


  • Precariously Placed Package - The "Othmir Strength" buff can now be cancelled.
  • Waters of Norrath can now be started in both the Heroic and Solo versions of Siren’s Grotto: Alluring Embrace.

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