These are the update notes associated with the downtime from Wednesday, May 29, 2013.


Cobalt Scar:

  • End line collection rewards have been slightly improved and now have an additional effect.


Mage: Absorb Magic will no longer be outright resisted.

Brigand: Cuss will no longer be outright resisted.

Swashbuckler: Tease will no longer be outright resisted.

Druid: Serene Symbol will no longer be outright resisted.

Shaman: Scourge will no longer be outright resisted.

Templar: Unswerving Hammer's damage now properly applies to epic targets.

Coercer: Mind's Eye is now a toggle ability and will grey out when active.


  • Tradeskill Apprentice daily mission recipes will no longer auto delete from your crafting book when you turn in the mission for a reward.
  • Trade skill Apprentice daily crafted quest items now stack and can be sold back to a merchant for a very small return.


  • Blessed and Imbued Rhenium Claws are now beast lord usable.
  • Orcish Axe of Champions is now correctly labeled as a Great axe rather then a Great sword.
  • Soldier's Leg plates will now show their correct appearance.


Finding Hope - Quest journal text has been edited to relieve confusion.

Clues of the Curse - Map section for finding the inanimate bones is more specific.

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