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These patch notes are related to the update from Thursday, May 16, 2013.


  • Drinal’s Steward has significantly reduced the Platinum price to purchase his wares.
  • Superb Green Adornment Dislodgers have been reduced in cost to 25p.
  • Superb Prismastic Adornment Dislodgers have been reduced in cost to 250p.
  • Trichromatic Adornment Dislodgers are now created with common materials instead of rares.
  • All reforging costs have been reduced by 33%.
  • Might Elixirs no longer use dropped components and use common materials instead. *Completing a combine now rewards 1/5th as many elixirs.
  • Acerbic Elixirs no longer use dropped components and use common materials instead. *Completing a combine now rewards 1/10th as many elixirs.
  • The plat costs for purchasing and upkeeping a guild hall have been reduced.
  • Mercenary hire and upkeep costs have been reduced.
  • Guildhall Amenity plat costs have been reduced by 50%.



  • CoE heroic bosses now have a greater chance of dropping Greater Spirits and their essences.

Sirens Grotto: Dissension

  • The urchins in the Genra fight are now dazed in both challenge and normal modes.
  • The Arcane Disruptor adds in the Priestess Denerva fight do less damage per melee attack.
  • The siren spell "Song of the Sea" should no longer stun and the power drain has been reduced.

Siren's Grotto: Tavalan Abyss [Challenge Heroic]

  • Overlord Talan's Scorching Faith no longer has numerous ticks of damage.

Siren's Grotto: Tavalan Abyss [Heroic]

  • Overlord Talan's cloned version of himself now has less hitpoints.


  • The music in the zone should now be able to be controller by volume sliders.

Plane of War Raid

  • The power drains in the Commander and Eriak fights have been lessened.


  • Vishra no longer requires you to own Age of Discovery in order to hire him as a quest mercenary for the quest "Tears in the Grotto".


  • Title reward, "the Renowned" is now spelled correctly.
  • Drinal’s Steward now carries upgraded armor and weapons.


  • Eyes of the Forest - Gathering Gather thistlebloom roots now updates for the entire group.
  • Health of creatures in the "Tears in the Grotto" zone have been reduced.

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