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Siren's Grotto: Alluring Embrace (both versions)

  • Shyneera will no longer become unkillable.

Oakmyst Forest

  • Using escape in Oakmyst now places the player at theOakmystForestdock.


  • Mort Gimblesquee, an ammunition merchant, has set up shop in Gnomeland Security in the Steamfont Mountains.

Eidolon Jungle

  • The following mobs should now drop their treasure loot again once they are defeated:
    • Theethox
    • Aklon the Ethersplicer
    • The Abominable Shimmeroot

Plains of Obol

  • The following mobs should drop their treasure loot again:
    • Tirunos the Soulmonger
    • Glomer the Surveyor
    • Leukos the Despoiler


Mercenaries should no longer be as dominant in PVP.



  • Click-to-cure should now work for trauma, noxious, and elemental for Mage spell Cure Magic.
  • Fixed a bug where low level pet buffs such as Antagonize would apply at the level of the pet instead of the level of the spell.
  • Pet Auto-Assist in Pet Options should now work properly.


  • Exacting Venom's damage should properly stack when applied from multiple players.
  • Blinding Dust's base damage in PVP combat has been reduced by 33%.


  • Rebirth no longer costs power. You should now be cast it if you die with very low power.


  • Manashield now decreases the lethality of the caster by 125 to 4375 based on the caster's level.


  • Items that cannot be experimented on will show NOT-EXPERIMENTABLE when you examine them. NOTE: This will not show on the tooltip, just on the examine.
  • Fitzpitzle's Ethereal Hover Platform can now be turned into a house item and back into a mount.


  • Salton the Undying will now properly become attackable when approached.
  • Breaking Bones – The Barrier of Bones should fall much easier now.
  • When on A Salty Farewell,Osh(by the shore) will now speak to you if you are on the first part of Merrik'sMission.
  • Find Pythus the Rogue - Elma Lowe at the Jade Tiger Den now advances the quest.
  • On the quest On Edge, you will now properly receive quest credit even if an othmir defender strikes the killing blow on the assaulting ulthork.

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