Two new Heritage Quests are now available for players to pursue:

  • Speak to Loremaster Dorondal in icy Thurgadin. He has many treasures to offer, and among the most valuable lies Zlandicar’s Heart. If you can find what he’s looking for, the Heart will be yours!
  • High among the cliffs of Steamfont, a gnome sits, wondering at his fate. Unable to descend the sheer rock wall, he puts pen to paper to ensure his story is told before the elements – or worse – take him from this world. To follow in his footsteps is to put oneself in grave danger, but the pull of the Hero Bracers cannot be denied!
    • Note: Portions of these quests will require the Tears of Veeshan expansion to complete.


  • Temple of Veeshan: Guardian's Edifice [Raid]
    • Jalkhir will no longer remain stuck in the air flinging fireballs after Essedara is killed.


  • Tradeable Version of the Draconic Spell Scrolls are now available from Delvakin in Falinpol.
  • Blade of the Consumer has been sharpened and now does slashing damage.

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