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Update 05
Date April 6, 2005


  • Sell your merchandise when your character is outside your home or offline!
  • New quest paths available for adventurers in many outdoor zones!
  • Crafting even more rewarding with new tradeskill reaction bonuses!
  • Zone maps now show where other members of your group are located!
  • Crafted food now gives handy stat buffs!
  • Many instanced adventure areas are now even more accessible!
  • Now you can raise your harvesting skills twice as fast!
  • Potions now give you longer-lasting benefits!
  • Lots of new UI improvements and customization options!
  • Hundreds of spell/combat art fixes and updates!
  • Breaking news: A terrible plague infects Norrath!

New Quest Paths

  • New quests paths have been added to many of our outdoor zones. These quests can be completed by solo players or groups, providing fun and interesting quests to all players.
  • Quest givers each have a series of quests, which in turn lead you to quests from their friends in the same zone.
  • Even if some of the quests are below your current level, we encourage you to do them anyway. Not only do they still provide nice XP and monetary rewards, but some quest givers will see that you've helped their friends before and will offer you additional quests they might not otherwise give you.
  • As you complete quests and gain levels, quest givers will let you know who to talk to next and tell you where they're located.
  • Additional solo quest paths in higher-level zones will be added in future updates!
  • Talk to the individuals below to get started on these quest paths. The quest starters are easy to find when you first enter a zone, and they will lead you to other quest givers when you're ready to help them.

Offline Selling

  • Characters can now list items for sale out that are located in their house vault. These items will remain for sale even when they leave their house or exit the game. You can now sell items while your character is offline!
  • When you open your store by interacting with your Market Bulletin Board, your store window now shows the contents of your house vault in a separate tab. You can set prices for these items just as you would items in your inventory.
  • While you are in your house and your store is open, items in your vault and items in your inventory that are flagged as being for sale will be listed on the city market. Other players can enter your home and buy items from your house vault and your inventory, just as they normally would.
  • If your character logs out or leaves your house, items in the house vault tab of your store window will still be for sale. Items in your character's inventory will no longer be listed for sale on the market, but items flagged for sale in the house vault will be available for purchase through city brokers and fences. These items will show only the seller's name, not location, since the goods can only be purchased through the brokers.
  • If goods in the house vault have sold while the seller was away, the Sales Log window will automatically open when the seller returns home to show any items that have been sold. All coin that has been earned will instantly be moved into the seller's inventory.
  • Only one character per account can have items for sale at any one time. If you flag items in Character A's vault as being for sale, then log in Character B and flag items in its house vault for sale, items in Character A's vault will no longer be available for purchase.
  • Items in the house vault will remain on the market 24 hours after the seller logs out, after which time the items will be taken off the market. When the seller logs in, the 24-hour timer will restart and the vault items will be listed for sale again automatically.
  • As with your personal inventory, only items you flag as being for sale can be purchased by other players. You can continue to use your house vault for item storage if you wish.
  • Only the owner of a house can sell items located in the house vault. Friends and trustees cannot access the house vault, although they can continue to sell items in their personal inventory while online.
  • If the server is restarted for any reason, items marked for sale in your house vault will remain on the market (as long as you have been back to your home within the last 24 hours). There is no need to log your character back in after a server restart unless the 24-hour timer has expired.

Tradeskill Reaction Bonuses

  • Beneficial events can now occur during crafting which will prove very useful for tradeskillers. There are three different events, each providing a handy bonus for the skilled artisan.
  • Technique Buff (Uncommon)
    • Countering this event gives +150 progress and +150 durability to the item you're making. It also gives you a 5-minute buff that increases your crafting technique by 25.
    • Benefit: This is very useful for crafters preparing for a tricky combine. For example, you may warm up by creating some components that trigger a Technique Buff, so that your final product will take advantage of this handy skill bonus.
    • Failing to counter this event gives +150 progress and +150 durability to the item you're making.
  • Complete Efficiency (Rare)
    • Countering this event will cause the item you're currently making to instantly become pristine by adding +1000 progress and +1000 durability. Note: In the next Live Update we will also add a secondary effect that causes no components to be consumed in the production of the item.
    • Benefit: Think of this as being like a critical hit for tradeskillers. An instant pristine item!
    • Failing to counter this event gives +350 progress and +350 durability to the item you're making.
  • Favor of Innovation (Extremely Rare)
    • Countering this event will cause the item you're currently making to instantly become pristine by adding +1000 progress and +1000 durability. It also provides the crafter a rare harvested item appropriate to their level range and profession.
    • Alchemist: Precious Metal
    • Sage: Precious Metal
    • Carpenter: Wood
    • Provisioner: Root
    • Armorer: Ore
    • Tailor: Pelt
    • Weaponsmith: Ore
    • Jeweler: Precious Gem
    • Woodworker: Wood
  • Benefit: Think of this event as the gods of Innovation bestowing favor upon you for your skill and ingenuity. Not only do you get a pristine item, but a valuable harvested component as well!
  • Failing to counter this event gives +500 progress and +500 durability to the item you're making.

Live Event: The Plague

  • Reports indicate that a mysterious ailment has begun infecting Norrath's citizens.
  • According to our sources, both the Overlord and Antonia Bayle believe finding a cure for this plague to be the top priority of every citizen.
  • Although the source of this disease remains unknown, it is believed that only the joint efforts of adventurers and artisans will be able to cure the people of Norrath.
  • Opportunistic individuals may be trying to take advantage of the sick by offering supposed cures for sale at high prices. Beware: These salesmen are not licensed by the cities, and the effects of these remedies may not be what you expect.
  • Inhabitants of both cities are discussing this plague and may offer theories and advice on both the cause and the cure. But until solid information is released by city officials, be dubious of such rumors.
  • While the infection does not seem to be life-threatening at this point, the plague is highly contagious and has a visible effect on most everyone who encounters it. Traditional forms of medicine seem to offer temporary relief, but until a universal cure is found, reinfection is very likely.

The Bloodline Chronicles

  • Ravenous feeders in the Tombs of Night should be slightly stronger.
  • Creatures that spring from broken vases in the Tombs of Night and Dire Hollow are a bit tougher.
  • Waypoints should now work properly when trying to retrieve shards in Adventure Pack zones.
  • Keryx Darkblade and Bernd Frostbeard will accept quest turn-ins in Nektulos again from people who have already completed their quests.
  • The number of grinnin needed to be killed for the Luring Out the Evil and a Bloody Coup quests has been reduced.
  • Blackmarrow will now drop loot in The Underrot Caverns: Moldy Crypt.
  • A Piceous Gargoyle in The Underrot Caverns: Moldy Crypt should now pose more of a challenge.
  • Mustcoat within The Underrot Caverns: Moldy Crypt will no longer be betrayed by its Sun Prowlers.
  • Potions and elixirs found in the Tombs of Night and Crypt of T'Haen are now stackable.
  • Quest Journal entries for the Missing Scouts and A Small Sampling quests now give more information on where the targets can be found.
  • If the raid force perishes in the Release the Hounds event, the dogs should now wander the room rather then running back to their starting point.
  • Exploration quest rewards in the Bloodline Chronicles no longer defray as much status costs for housing upkeep.

The Norrathian Express

  • The Norrathian Express is pleased to announce that they have expanded their popular message delivery service! There are now mailboxes in all city zones as well as most outdoor adventure areas. Nothing will keep these brave couriers from their appointed rounds.


  • The benefits of food and drink will no longer disappear when your character dies.
  • Harvesting skills (Fishing, Foresting, Gathering, Mining, and Trapping) are now over twice as likely to increase when you attempt to harvest.
  • NPCs following player characters (such as pets) should now behave better when the player's movement speed is enhanced or reduced.
  • Colliding with another player or NPC while auto-running will no longer cause you to change direction.
  • The effects of potions and poisons will be suspended while Mentoring if they are above the level that you Mentor down to. The effects will resume when you cease Mentoring.

Zones and Population

  • Rain is now in the forecast for Qeynos and the surrounding area.
  • The level required for entrance into the Orcish Wastes and the Enchanted Lands has been lowered to 30. Characters level 30 and above can now buy tickets to Voyage by Sea.
  • The Sullon Mines, the Tallon Hoarding Halls, the Dark Den, the Rumbler Caves, a Pirate's Hidden Stash, an Open Grave, the Cave of Wonder, and Cavern of Tangled Weeds now allow players of all group sizes to choose if they wish to enter the normal or heroic versions of the instances. Creatures guarding the entrances are now solo encounters instead of groups.
  • The Condemned Catacombs and Gobblerock's Hideout can now be entered by players at level 20 instead of 25. End bosses inside the zones now have fewer hit points.
  • The population in Fallen Gate has been changed to progress in a more linear fashion. New named encounters have been added, and the Bull Pit should be a more lively place.
  • Sheila Everling now drops some additional items.
  • The encounter with Regent Grozmag should now function correctly.
  • Bouncers Hurd, Prud, Fug, and Flerb now wear ghostly armor and use ghostly weapons. Spooky!
  • Resonating echoes in Everfrost should be less likely to wander into walls.
  • Rats nests and snake dens outside of the Qeynos gates should no longer float.
  • Forest leapers on the beach in Nektulos Forest are no longer aggro, but Foulfeather is.
  • Local 858 members in Thieves' Way will no longer drop rare tradeskill components or equipment as often as they used to.
  • Players will now be able to revive at the Smoldering Shore after releasing upon death in the Maiden’s Gulch.
  • Molt and a Dusky Owlbear both now carry personal treasure.
  • The elevator in the Academy in North Freeport should again be functioning correctly.
  • Fallen adventurers should now be able to retrieve their spirit shards from the Buccaneer's Rest.
  • Players should no longer have problems exiting The Return to Nektropos Castle.
  • Maltus Everling in Nektropos Castle should now have the proper appearance.
  • Players should now be able to hail Sali Va`ah in the Thieves' Way and Hired Guard Gazzuk in the Serpent Sewer.
  • Mariner Guard Balstrom is now male.
  • The following instanced zones now only require one group member to have the access quest completed to allow all members to enter:

Epic Encounters

  • Defeating the Behemoth in the Deserted Mine will now set a reuse timer on the epic instance.
  • King Zalak now has a new ability to make combat more interesting.
  • Lord Nagalik in Solusek's Eye was given a new ability.
  • The Darathar encounter has been changed to increase the pace and challenge of the event. Additionally, he should no longer break his flight pattern to attack players while they're stunned.
  • Solusek's Fist was given a new ability to make the encounter more interesting and less predictable.
  • Vaz'Gok the Cursed now has additional abilities and increased treasure.
  • The Krathuk encounter has been modified to be more interesting and now offers a greater reward.
  • Arch Lich Udalan has a new trick or two up his glowing green sleeve.
  • The Meeting of the Minds will now provide some new challenges. We suggest you not allow any bargains to be struck.


  • Shady Swashbuckler XVIII can now be found in Nektulos Forest. Adventurers who have completed heritage quests but sold the rewards will be able to buy them back from Shady, although he will be seeking a healthy profit for his efforts in recovering your old equipment.
  • Players can now hail the Sages in South Qeynos and North Freeport to receive the Treasure Hunter or Lore Seeker titles if they have already received the subsequent titles.
  • Writs are now available for guilded characters that are level 40+. You will be directed to the appropriate writ givers by Marauder Kindolus in South Freeport, Blight Sage Destroz in North Freeport, Baron Zafimus in West Freeport, Paragon Jalex in North Freeport, Shepherd Sell`ar in the Elddar Grove, Missionary Jenson in North Qeynos, Sergeant-at-Arms Ironcast in North Qeynos, and Aesthetic Winchester in South Qeynos.
  • Foomby will now linger after someone finishes the Bag of Sewn Evil Eye quest to allow others to talk to him and finish their quests.
  • Traitorous farmers, overland miners, and overland woodcutters have upgraded their clothing styles.
  • The locations for the rods in the Tarton's Wheel quest should no longer continue to glow after the quest has been completed, and Beza should be easier to find.
  • Maid for the Mist Part II should now complete correctly when using the bell to board the boat.
  • Qeynos level 10 class quests no longer allow former Freeport citizens who have betrayed to complete them.
  • The zone entrance for the Shiny Brass Shield quest should now pull the entire group in after the person on the quest uses it. Those who have finished the quest won't negatively impact those currently undertaking it.
  • Loyalist Erityire's quest can now be repeated up to five times, and it no longer has a maximum level limit.
  • "The Invasion of the Vale" quest is now listed under the correct category.
  • The dialogue response that Captain Ista gives upon completing The Trail of Slime quest should be much more appropriate.
  • The journal entry in the Do or Die, Says Irizan quest has been modified.
  • The Fate of Fleshripper quest should now progress properly.


  • The Shiny Brass Halberd can now be mounted and placed in your home.
  • The Fishbone Earring should now display an icon for its effect.
  • Pristine Tailored Strengthened Fistwraps no longer look like knuckles.
  • Frayed Ancient Sleeves can now be equipped in the shoulder slot.
  • Activateable items will now display a message to the player if the item can't be used for some reason.
  • Items that grant quests must now be examined while in the character's inventory. You can not receive a quest from an item that is equipped.
  • Bone Razor, Blood Fire, Monsoon, Staff of Undead Legions, and Withered Totem of Widdershins now have improved stats and effects.
  • Buzz Beer is now a drink instead of food.
  • Tundra Walker's Robe now has a robe appearance.
  • The icon for the Pristine Elegant Bone Table is now more appropriate.
  • The Silvered armor dropped by Lord Everling can now be equipped by level 50 characters.
  • The Vigilant Lord's Helm will now fit on your head rather than your legs.
  • The Robe of the Trials will now look like a robe instead of a vest.
  • Ferink's Heart should now stay with your character upon zoning.
  • Ceremonial Bracers of Marr should now equip in the wrist slot.
  • The Wand of Thunder's effect will no longer work on targets that are very powerful or higher than level 48.
  • The following items should now consume charges: Token of Night, Token of the Pathfinder, Wand of Flames, Wand of Ice, Wand of Polymorphing, Token of Defense, Token of the Just, Wand of Thunder, Scepter of Curses, Scepter of Healing, Scepter of Shielding, Scepter of Smiting.
  • Merchants in North Freeport and South Qeynos are no longer selling the Age of Turmoil tome.
  • Poison: Sting of the beast will now work correctly.
  • Underbite's Chilling Fang will now proc cold damage instead of heat.
  • Kite Shield of the King should display the correct amount of out-of-combat power regeneration.
  • Necklace of Displacement should display the correct amount of in-combat health regeneration.
  • Robe of the Trials now has a robe appearance.
  • Roundshield of the Archon should display the correct amount of out-of-combat health regeneration.
  • Worn Treasure Hunter's Knife should appear as a dagger and not a staff.

Spells and Combat Arts


  • The duration of stat-increasing potions has been raised from 3 minutes to 30 minutes.
  • Provisioner crafted food will now give stat increases. The type of food determines the benefit it provides:
    • Meat (Jerky, Sandwich, Grilled): +Strength
    • Fish (Jerky, Sandwich, Grilled, Baked, Breaded): +Agility
    • Pasta/Casseroles (Meat or Fish): +Stamina
    • Fruit (Dried or Candied): +Intelligence
    • Nuts and Vegetables (Candied): +Wisdom
    • Trail Mix: +Intelligence, +Wisdom
    • Sweets (Chocolates, Fudge, Pie, Cake, Muffins, Cookies): +Maximum Power
    • Soup, Omelet, and Stew: +Maximum Health
  • A larger variety of imbued weapons can be found in Weaponsmith and Woodworker recipe books.
  • Copper Sheet now requires a fossil temper.
  • Ruthenium Sheet now requires a paleolith temper.
  • Rhodium Sheet now requires a xeolith temper.
  • A Refreshing Elixir should now provide the appropriate effects.
  • Weapon Imbuing Volume 3 now requires you to be of the appropriate skill level to scribe the recipes.
  • Arrowhead recipes were added to the appropriate books.
  • The wholesaler tasks "Blackwater Snapper" and "Gathering Ashen Roots" should now update correctly.
  • Recipe book filters should now sort and save properly.
  • You can now harvest from resources until three components have been obtained. Failing to harvest something no longer depletes the resource.
  • Weapon imbue recipes have been increased in level to match the level required to scribe the recipe books (19, 29, 39, 49).
  • Minimum and maximum skill values have been to added to poisons and potions, allowing them to be more useful as the user gains levels.
  • Certain harvesting items in Antonica and the Commonlands will now provide a better chance of raising your harvesting skills.
  • The recipes for Bone and Maple Cudgels now use Fletching/Woodworking, Woodworking events, and are made at the Sawhorse. Additionally, these recipes were changed to require a Tanned Cord instead of a Burlap Fletching.
  • Shroud of the Manastone now requires a Glimmering Tooth instead of an Engraved Hide Plate, and also needs an Etched Hide Plate.
  • The Stein of Moggok will now require a Glimmering Stone instead of a Faceted Opal.
  • The Polished Granite Tomahawk will now require a Sparkling Flower instead of a Fir Stave.
  • The recipe for the Dull Tomahawk now requires an Ash Stave.
  • Recipes for imbued clubs have been added to various Woodworker books.
  • Tailors can now make Discord dolls that grant Wisdom to the holder.
  • Imbued rings now grant a consistent buff instead of one that varies, and the buffs can now be canceled.
  • Imbued Opaline Rings now have resistances that scale appropriately according to other qualities of Opaline Rings.
  • Rare Hex Dolls are now more powerful.
  • The Conditioned Maple Great Staff is now more powerful than a Crude Conditioned Maple Great Staff.
  • Changed the name of some reaction arts to avoid confusion. Braid (used in light armoring) was changed to Hem. Shape (used in Timbercraft) was changed to Incise.
  • Imbued weapons will now consistently indicate that they are "Imbued" items rather than "Imbue" items.
  • The skill required to scribe Advanced Heavy Armor Imbuing 1, Advanced Ring Imbuing 1, and Advanced Weapon Imbuing 1 has been lowered from 96 to 95.
  • Apothecary events were displaying the wrong icon needed to counter the event properly. This has been corrected so that congeal and liquefy events will now work properly. Congeal uses "stir" reaction arts with the vial icon. Liquefy uses "coalesce" reaction arts with the gem icon.
  • The recipes for Fir Cudgel, Oak Cudgel, and Cedar Cudgel has been added to Advanced Woodworker Volume 21, 31, and 41 respectively.
  • Corrected the recipe for Imbued Carbonite Vanguard Cuirass to return different items at each quality level.
  • Fixed malt recipes which weren't returning the proper item at different quality levels.
  • The level to create Teak Round Shields has been reduced to 42 to match the recipe book it is found in.
  • The poison Relentless Vertigo has had its skill requirement changed from magic affinity to poisoning.
  • Alchemist: The Essence of Fury recipe has been removed from Alchemist Essentials Volume 48 and Advanced Alchemist 48, as the combat art does not exist in the game.
  • Armorer: The Corner Joint reaction art should now use the correct amount of power.
  • Armorer: Spaulder recipes will now use the proper components: a Sheet and a Stud.
  • Craftsman: The Bone Buckler recipe will now accept Tanned Cords as a component.
  • Craftsman: The Bone Cudgel recipe will now accept Bone Staves as a component.
  • Craftsman: The Bone Kite Shield recipe will now accept Iron Sheets as a component.
  • Jeweler: Advanced Jeweler Volume 22 should now contain the correct recipes.
  • Jeweler: The Opaline Orb recipe will now accept Feyiron Sheets as a component.
  • Jeweler: The Ruby Ring recipe will now use a Diamondine Setting instead of a Rhodium Setting.
  • Jeweler: The Rune of Shadow Slip recipe will now use the correct fuel.
  • Outfitter: The Blackened Iron War Hammer, Short Sword, Dagger, and Spear recipes will now all accept Studs as a component.
  • Sage: The Favor of the Repentant recipe now requires the correct type of paper to be crafted.
  • Tailor: The Augmented Leather Skullcap now correctly calls for Augmented Hide Plate as a component.
  • Tailor: The Strengthened Leather Satchel recipe now requires Fulginate buckles as a component.
  • Tailor: The Cuirboilli Apron will now work correctly in recipes.
  • Timbercraft: Tapa Paper now uses the proper fuel: sandpaper.

Controls, Commands, and User Interface

  • Group members in the same zone as your character will now show up on your zone map.
  • The sell tab on the merchant window now has a "Don't Sell" checkbox. This lets you flag items so you won't accidentally sell them. This checkbox will remain until it is unchecked, even if the character zones or logs out.
  • The target's level has been added to the Detailed consider option, and Heroic/Epic status has been added to the Simple consider display.
  • The F key will now target the object under the cursor before it performs the default action (previously it did not target first).
  • Tooltips have been added to icons in the Loot window, and the item names now show their con color.
  • The XP bar will now automatically switch between adventuring and tradeskill experience when you earn experience of that type. You can disable this feature in the XP bar's context menu.
  • The destroy item confirmation window now shows the item name in its con color and displays its rarity.
  • The current /log setting will now persist properly across multiple gaming sessions.
  • You can no longer see your own house vault when you're a guest in someone else's home.
  • Turning your character should be more responsive when in autorun and pressing a movement key. For example, autorun in a direction. Hold the left mouse button and rotate the camera to the side of your character, then release the left mouse button and press the right mouse button. Your character should immediately turn to the direction the camera is facing.
  • The default maximum camera distance in third-person mode has been increased to 10 meters. There is now a Max Camera Distance slider in the View Options menu that allows you to adjust the range from 5.4m to 10m.
  • There is a new option in the View Options menu that affects movement and turning while free looking (holding the left mouse button while moving the mouse).
  • There is a new option in the View Options menu that lets you allow only the third-person camera view.
  • You now have the option to turn off auto-facing when entering combat and can control how the camera behaves when auto-facing.
  • The Persona window now has a tooltip explaining Status.
  • The /invite command will now return an explanation if you can't invite a particular individual to your party.
  • UI settings and chat filter options should now save more consistently between gaming sessions.
  • You can now filter on-screen messages, except for important system messages. Mail messages, tradeskill item creation, harvesting an object, finding a rare harvested item, and the awarding of an artifact can all be filtered in the User Interface tab under Popup Messages.
  • You now have the option to not show examine windows for tradeskill products just created. This can be found in the User Interface tab under Tradeskills.
  • The recipe examine window now shows the icon, name, quantity of any byproduct created in addition to the primary product.
  • The recipe examine window now shows the icon of each quality level of the item created. Items at quality levels you haven't yet created show up as "?" and "unknown." The number of items made per creation attempt are shown, and the icons have tooltips that show the item name. Please note that the examine window doesn't know about items you've created before this update, so you'll need to make them again in order to populate the examine info.
  • The lists on the tradeskill filter window are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Tradeskill reaction art tooltips now show the Knowledge and Technique skills they are based on.
  • Quests of the same level and type will now be sorted alphabetically within the Quest Journal.
  • The Show Repeatable checkbox on the completed tab of the Quest Journal will now be correct when first opening it.


  • Flying creatures should no longer end up at odd angles when stationary.
  • The Brawler's Devastation Fist combat art visual now has improved timing.
  • The Vampire's Arrow Strike spell cast now has improved timing.
  • Spell effects that use growing spikes and roots have been optimized.
  • The persistent stun effect looks better on four-legged creatures.
  • Fiery effects on hellhounds now fade out when they are killed.
  • Many races now hold their tools better when doing tradeskills.


  • The sound heard when attacking an opponent that is invulnerable to your current weapon has been changed.

UI Files Updated


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