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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature  (AA)
Journal Level 100 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Maldura more
How to Start Speak to Eccles Zaphardt near the Entrance within Maldura ( -200, -4, -28 ) /waypoint -199.56, -3.50, -27.62 Eq2map.
part of: Terrors of Thalumbra Timeline
Preceded by:
Underdepths Saga: Mysteries of Maldura
Followed by:
Underdepths Saga: Gears of the City
subquest Defensive Measures

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  • You need to be at least level 2 Artisan
  • You need 8 Thaumic Coal

Quest InfoEdit

Eccles Zaphardt, a gnemlin near the entrance of Maldura, told me that the Alcove of Reason and the Waterworks sections of the city have been locked down due to immolated invasion! In order to explore a possible connection between the threat within the city and the Primordial Malice, I must face them, myself! I should be able to access the Algorithm For Destruction through a door within the Sublevel Access Antechamber.


  1. Enter Maldura: Algorithm For Destruction (Advanced Solo) ( -109, 2, 49 ) /waypoint -108.64, 1.64, 48.60 Eq2map.
    • Note: Heroic Zone does not use group updates, will have to still use solo zone in order to get everyone the final updates.
    • Additional Note: as of 170315, the Heroic version allowed for group updates.
    • the pages and springs respawned for all group members to harvest.
    • each group member auto-received components from spiders.
    • only one group member needed to do crafting for sentries, as all group members received update when sentries were Upgraded.
  1. Complete the subquest, Defensive Measures. Be sure to loot the spider bodies!
  2. Harvest:
  3. Speak to Eccles Zaphardt by using the Voice Box near the zone-in ( -83, 9, 132 ) /waypoint -83.45, 8.84, 131.91.
    Voice Box

    Voice Box

    1. Examine the 12 Undertok Sentry Upgrade Plans and receive the recipe, Undertok Sentry Upgrade Plans (bound) -- (level 2 artisan).
    2. Scribe the recipe.
    3. Craft 8 Sentry Shock Box XII.
      • There is a workbench in the Alcove of Reason ( -70, 12, 173 ) /waypoint -69.82, 11.50, 173.43 that is found inside the instance. You must use the zone's workbench. Personal workbenches will not display the recipe.
      • Note:You will need 8 Thaumic Coal as fuel for the combine, may bring more if you fail on a combine
  4. Upgrade 8 untertok sentries.
    1. Kill the non-aggro, grouped Dark Gears Conscripts and Dark Gears Vassals in the Alcove of Reason.
    2. Kill Black Bolt in the Alcove of Reason. See strategy on this.
    3. Use the Sentry Shock Box XII on 8 disabled undertok sentries -- (inconsistent group update; check each character to confirm). If you get garbled speech from the sentries, speak with the Voice Box again.
      A disabled undertok sentry

      a disabled undertok sentry

  5. Return to Eccles Zaphardt in Maldura.