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EverQuest 2 Spell Information
Undead Knight
Icon yellow earth arm
Wheel Red Star
Summons a pet to obey the necromancer.

Target Self
Concentration 1
Casting 10 Seconds
Recast Instant
Duration Until Canceled
Level 1



  • Summons a pet undead knight.
Undead Knight Spell Line

Spell EffectsEdit

  • Summons a pet minion of a level equal to the caster. When the caster levels the pet does also, you do not need to recast the pet in order to get a higher level one. This spell creates pets with levels from 1 to 11. Once you achieve level 12 or higher this spell continues to create level 11 pets, so you should change to the next version at that time.

You receive the Apprentice 1 pet at level 1. You can upgrade the quality of pets by scribing the Apprentice 2-4, or Adept versions. The quality increase of each step is noticeable. You can buy Apprentice 2 level pets from (NPC) Scribes in the starting towns, or buy the player made ones from the broker, or make your own using the Scribing trade skill. Pets have better stats and a different appearance based on the quality, typically with the highlighting colors.

You can rename your pet using the "/petname newname" command. The next pet you summon will have the new name (not your current one). It's best to make a macro to rename your pet, then cast the pet spell.

How To UseEdit

This class of pet has low damage, high health and a variety of taunts; this pet is best sent in first to gain the attention of your enemies. Care must be taken when using this pet against multiple enemies to allow it time to build aggression. This pet can attract the attention of an individual or an encounter and the pet's target can be switched while engaged if being used against multiple groups. It is to your advantage to use this pet in areas with wandering enemies, or when you want to harvest in dangerous areas.

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