The Demi-goddess of Treachery.

Plane of Existence: Plane of Hate

A.K.A.: The Archtraitor, Lady of Insurrection

Related Deities: N/A

Worshipers: Traitors, Vengeful Teir’Dal

This little known and young deity resides on the Plane of Hate. She is often closely related to treason since most of her followers, what little there are, have dissented from the ranks of some organization or nation in order to strike back at that former organization for some deep-seated reason. She is allied with Innoruuk, the god of hate. Ullkorruuk appears as a female human paladin who has chosen to betray her native plane, the Plane of Love, for reasons as yet unexplained. She was once a member of Erollisi Marr’s elite guard. She betrayed the queen of love and later became a minion of hate. Her real name was abandoned and she took her new name, Ullkorruuk. She wears garb similar to Erollisi Marr, but it has a dark evil undertone."

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