The user inteface (UI) in EverQuest II can be customized to fit your style.

External Links Edit

  • EQ2Interface "Downloadable modifications for the user interface. Also offers forums discussing creating custom UIs."
  • EQ2MAP "EverQuest 2 Modular Atlas Project (EQ2MAP or MAP) is an interface modification that provides user made zone maps as well as user submitted Points of Interest (POIs)."

Popular UI Mods Edit


The Fetish line of UI mods was designed by Fetish, aka Zonx, The Green Troll, and is downloadable at EQ2Interface.

ProfitUI Edit

ProfitUI was originally designed by Profit in 2005. After Profit left the game, the interface was kept alive by the community on EQ2Interface. Development was then taken over by gm9 with the first ProfitUI Reborn having been released in March 2006, now the most popular EQ2 interface modification after EQ2MAP.

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