About the UIEdit

The Everquest II UI follows a file structure and naming convention allowing one to locate and modify only the file or files they wish to have changed without the need to have an entire duplicate of the UI directory containing the same files as the default UI. All custom skins should be located in %EQ2%/UI/Skinname/. If the only modified file is the map, then that is the only file that needs to be placed into the Skinname directory.

The XML structure itself is made up to allow a mine file for each UI group, such as inventory, to include several child files that comprise the tabs that are seen in UI Builder. This is the same method that allows opening eq2ui.xml to open up all of the UI files into the editor. eq2ui.xml includes all of the main files, then those files include the smaller drilled down UI elements.

The XML FilelistEdit

The following are all of the .xml files included with the default UI and what pieces they contain.

  • eq2ui_inventory - parent container for:
    • eq2ui_inventory_bag - The Bag display
    • eq2ui_inventory_bank
    • eq2ui_inventory_commissioned_work
    • eq2ui_inventory_container
    • eq2ui_inventory_dressingroom
    • eq2ui_inventory_examine
    • eq2ui_inventory_exchange
    • eq2ui_inventory_guildbank
    • eq2ui_inventory_guildbanksettings
    • eq2ui_inventory_highlight
    • eq2ui_inventory_inventory
    • eq2ui_inventory_loot
    • eq2ui_inventory_market
    • eq2ui_inventory_marketplace
    • eq2ui_inventory_merchant
    • eq2ui_inventory_trade
  • eq2ui_journals - Contains the achievement unlocked popup window. Parent container for:
    • eq2ui_journals_active
    • eq2ui_journals_quest


All of the images that are used in the UI can be modified or replace completely to give you true control over what your skins look like.


Any of these image formats can be used for GUI elements:

  • BMP
  • DDS
  • PNG
  • TGA


Many of the in game sounds can be replaced. This can be done on a per skin or a per client basis depending on which folder you add your new sounds to:

  • %EQ2%/UI/Default/Sounds – to replace the sounds for the client, regardless of which skin is used
  • %EQ2%/UI/<skinname>/Sounds – to replace the sounds only for a particular skin

Replaceable SoundsEdit

Broadcast Used for SOE broadcast messages
Buy_failed Unable to purchase item
Click UI click 2
coin_cha_ching Purchased item
ding DING!!!
encounter_broken Broken encounter
frontend_pressed UI click 1
inventory_attune Attune item
inventory_cant_equip Unable to equip item
inventory_destroy_item Destroy item
inventory_equip Equip item
inventory_un_equip Unequip item
loot_failed Unable to loot item
moveable_object_place_failed Unable to place item (ie, house items)
place_item Successful item placement (ie, house items)
quest_item Quest item found
skill_up Skill increase
spell_gained New spell learned
too_far Too far away from target
trade_accept Trade accept
trade_propose Trade offer
ui_chestdrop Chest drop from NPC on death
ui_friend_logoff Friend logoff alert
ui_friend_logon Friend logon alert
ui_guild_lvl_up Guild DING
ui_invite Invite to group alert
ui_joined Joined group alert
ui_pressed UI click 1
ui_spirit_lvl_up Tradeskill pristine item creation
ui_tell_receive Incoming tell
ui_tell_send Outgoing tell
ui_tradeskills_lvl_up Tradeskill DING
war_drum Slayer update
waypoint_activated Waypoint alert

Modifying the UI Using UIBuilderEdit

Starting UpEdit

After having installed [UIBuilder] you need to locate and open UIBuilder.exe from the installed directory, typically %EQ2%/UIBuilder/. Once opened, load %EQ2%/UI/eq2ui.xml

Direct Modification of UI XMLEdit

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