Tyrannus the Dark

Tyrannus the Dark

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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) Ykesha's Inner Stronghold (The Shadow Odyssey)
Race Human
Level 88▲▲▲ Tier 9 Epic x4
Reported Drops none reported, try LootDB.
AA Exp Yes
Status Points unknown

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Tyrannus the Dark

This encounter has a lot of moving parts, a lot of places things can go wrong.

To begin, Tyrannus comes with six adds which must be dealt with quickly, right at the start. Generally, having the Offtank pull the encounter, and letting the MT Rescue Tyrannus is the best bet for a clean, repeatable pull.

Tyrannus is a hard hitting mob, with a nasty damage shield reactive. You'll probably want four healers on the MT at all times. Keep him debuffed at all times. In addition to his damage shield reactive, he also has a short range port reactive, similar to Mynzak in Palace. Because of the room geometry, this teleport can sometimes cause a lot of stress as the MT healers lose line of sight on the tank periodically.

Have the MT position Tyrannus as best he can at one end of the room, healers against one of the pedestals that stick out, max range. The healers need to be aware of their location and facing, so the knockback doesn't blow them across the room. It's probably best if your healers do as little to damage Tyrannus as possible, thus decreasing the chances of them getting ported at exactly the wrong moment.

While the MT is busy getting Tyrannus in position, the Offtank and the rest of the raid need to be burning that initial set of adds down as quickly as possible. These adds also have a knockback, so position in a corner accordingly and burn hard. The first Trauma AE is coming at about 30 seconds into the fight, and you want the adds gone before it hits.

Get your timer right on that Trauma and joust it. Nasty up close. The Noxious and Elemental AE's aren't bad, so long as they get cured. If not cured, they WILL kill you when they expire. You've got about 10 seconds, so it's not really bad on those. The Trauma on the other hand cannot be allowed to tick. Squishy people will die.

Massive waves of adds (eight per wave? I think?) will spawn at the portal throughout the fight. They have few hit points, but they do need to be tanked. Have your Mages and AE DPS classes target the OT and do their DPS through him. He can target Tyrannus when he isn't dealing with adds.

Healers stay sharp on this one. There is also an arcane reactive that comes off Tyrannus that could probably stand to be cured if you have time. It's a stun with DoT component, magic based. Squishy people need to watch their positioning with the short range teleport so as not to wind up near Tyrannus when the Trauma is due.

Periodically throughout the fight, an add will spawn that is locked to a Fighter or Scout in the raid. That person has 30 seconds to kill this add or the raid wipes. If that person dies with the add on them, the raid wipes. It appears as an uncureable arcane on that person, and is accompanied by a message on that person's screen, something about a sense of resolve that no one else has. I believe this add is called "an unstable minion". This add can sometimes be a challenge for Bards, so they might want to keep some of their big attacks in reserve for this. Healers need to make sure the person with the add isn't killed. We have someone watching for this uncureable and announce in voice who has the add so everyone knows what's up.

That's pretty much the fight. It's tough.