In better times, the Citadel was supported by levitation magic, as seen in red in this street-level shot looking up.


The now-destroyed icon of the Freeport skyline, taken from the same angle many years later.

The Twilight Citadel, also known as Dethknell Citadel, is the floating fortress of Overlord Lucan D'Lere.

An ancient structure, the Citadel is in reality the original home of The Academy of Arcane Science. The mage faction was ousted when Lucan came to power, and forced to adopt a new home in North Freeport.

Attesting to the massive size of the structure, apparently there are areas of the Citadel of which even the Overlord and his most trusted allies are or were unaware, as the Foci of the Academy was able to utilize a forgotten portal during the theft of Soulfire, as documented in "The Case of the Ursa Rhym."

In 3829, the Citadel suddenly collapsed from its magical levitation moorings and crashed into the city below, falling southwesterly into its courtyard fortress walls and into West Freeport. The city, stunned by the disaster and the disappearance of the Overlord, fell into chaotic rioting. Many of the Lucanic Knights abandoned their posts, plundering the Citadel they were entrusted to protect.

The fate of the structure has yet to be determined, as it continues to burn from within today.

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