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Class Scout Scout Icon Icon Snare Root Wheel Green Coin
Level 20
Category (Target) / (Enemy)
 Casting Time  0.5 seconds
 Recast time  20 seconds
 Cost  47 power 
 Duration  24
 Range  15 meters
Slows target's movement speed for a short time and decreases their magic resist. The slow effect has a chance to break each time the target is attacked. There is a small chance that the slow effect will root the target in place.

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Effects Edit

  • Decreases mitigation of target vs magic damage by 1102
  • Applies Snare. Lasts for 24 seconds.
    • Slows target by 46%
    • 5% chance to dispel when target receives hostile action.
    • 5% chance to dispel when target takes damage.
  • 10% chance to apply Perfect Snare on termination. Lasts for 65 seconds.
    • Roots target.
    • 10% chance to dispel when target receives hostile action.
    • 10% chance to dispel when target takes damage.


  • This spell can be bought from Gumgullet in Splitpaw Den once you have earned the trust of the Splitpaw gnolls.
  • This spell has no upgrade line, but it scales with caster's level from 20-80.
  • This spell uses the same reuse timer as a class specific spell line:

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