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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category The City of Qeynos  (AA)
Journal Level Scales with player level from level 60
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Qeynos Province District more
How to Start Speak to Master Rysian Gladewalker in the Elddar Grove. ( 670, 11, -391 ) /waypoint 670, 11, -391
part of: The City of Qeynos Timeline
Preceded by:
Lending Your Skills
Followed by:

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  1. Talk to Daylia the Vigil, atop the platform on Arbos, the Elddar Tree in the Elddar Grove. ( 662, 12, -373 ) /waypoint 662, 12, -373
  2. Speak to Gerleth Bucklebrow by the archery practice area behind the In Range shop. It seems he knows more than you'd think about the highwaymen! ( 566, -18, -409 ) /waypoint 566, -18, -409
  3. Stealthily eavesdrop on a secret meeting between two factions of highwaymen by entering the wooden door in the southwestern-most part of the Down Below. ( -15, 7, 0 ) /waypoint -15, 7, 0
  4. Return to Daylia the Vigil and warn her of the assassination plans.
  5. Find and slay the hired assassin in North Qeynos using tracking and stealth. He is perched on the southeast beam holding the drawbridge chain leading to the Palace, roughly above Guard Burkin. ( 414, 5, -26 ) /waypoint 414, 5, -26
  6. Return to Daylia the Vigil.
  7. Return to Master Rysian Gladewalker.


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