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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category The City of Qeynos  (AA)
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Qeynos Province District more
How to Start Speak to Daylia the Vigil at Arbos, the Elddar Tree in Elddar Grove in the Qeynos Province District. ( 662, 12, -374 ) /waypoint 662, 12, -374
part of: The City of Qeynos Timeline
Preceded by:
A Fated Confrontation
Followed by:
Blood for Blood

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Scales with player level, requires level 75+


  1. Investigate the catacombs beneath the Qeynos sewers.
    • The nearest entrance is the sewer grate in Elddar Grove. ( 518, -17, -397 ) /waypoint 518, -17, -397
    • Enter Vermin's Snye via the sewer grate in the Down Below. ( -71, 0, -110 ) /waypoint -71, 0, -110
  2. Head towards the Crypt of Betrayal in the northeast corner of the tunnels. You'll be ambushed by two Bloodsaber assailants and a Bloodsaber assassin. At lower levels, this may be a harder fight than usual for the questline. ( 34, -1, -194 ) /waypoint 34, -1, -194
  3. When you've killed the attackers, you find a Blood for Blood Ceremony Scroll.
  4. Return to Daylia the Vigil.