The following is the text of a scroll found on a table in the Research Room of the Obelisk of Blight, an instance in The Lesser Faydark. The exterior of the entrance is labeled as the Tower of Zet.

  • Fae society infiltration methods should follow other successful patterns, with the following crucial alterations:
    1. Remember to mimic cheery Fae nature. The best way to blend in is to be outgoing and friendly to other Fae. Behavior that would be common among other Norrathian races would be suspicious among Fae.
    2. Be somewhat less willing to participate in carnage and slaughter. Fae do not seem as aggressive as other Norrathian races.
    3. When it is time to refuel your host body, be sure to only consume locally grown vegetation. Fae do not devour flesh like other races. If you believe yourself unable to follow this guideline, please see Occulator Yxorx for reassignment to another host body, such as dwarf or troll.

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