The following is the text of a scroll found on a table in the first room of the Obelisk of Blight, an instance in The Lesser Faydark. The exterior of the entrance is labeled as the Tower of Zet.

It has come to the Director's attention that the portals to our outposts may no longer be secure. There is evidence suggesting that beings defeating our operatives absorb residual energy which is detected by the portals. Portals in turn allow these beings to pass through into our outposts.

The integrity of Vul has come into question; additional protective forces may be dispatched. Zet is currently engaged in a priority operation and must be defended at all costs. All other outposts are to consider themselves on high alert until the Director declares otherwise.

Initiate security protocols. Automated sentries should be armed for extermination. Scan for any impurity and expunge it. Further directives to follow.

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