Tower of Frozen Shadow Timeline
Recommended Levels 90 to 90
Introduced: Destiny of Velious
Difficulty: Heroic
Starts in: Great Divide

Quests in Shadowed Corridors Edit

This zone covers floors 1-3 of the tower (Submergence, Frozen Library and Shadowed Barracks, respectively).

Quests in Umbral Halls Edit

This zone covers floors 4-6 of the tower (Darkness Rising, A Bride's Scorn and VhalSera's Dominion, respectively).

Quests in Haunt of Syl'Tor Edit

This zone covers floors 7-8 of the tower (The Palindrome and The Haunt of Syl'Tor, respectively).

Quests Across multiple Tower of Frozen Shadow heroic zones Edit

  • Beauty's Only Skin Deep (Heritage Quest)
  • The Tower of Frozen Shadow
    • This requires picking up the six quests denoted by (*) in the above sections (but not necessarily completing those quests). It also requires killing the boss of each floor in each of the three instances above.
  • Finding the Dain
    • This is required for raid access to the X2 zone.
    • As part of its completion, you must complete the six quests denoted by (*) in the above sections.
    • It is suggested to work on this quest at the same time as working on the The Tower of Frozen Shadow quest, as they both involve essentially clearing the three heroic instances.

Quests in Tower of Frozen Shadow x2 Raid Zone Edit

  • Casting A Long Shadow
    • This quest involves killing the epic X2 versions of all the bosses of the first seven floors of the tower.
    • The reward for completing the above is an archetype-specific debuff ability. This debuff is required for some of the X4 raiding zones in the Destiny of Velious expansion.
    • The final step of this quest is to kill the epic X2 version of Tserrina.
  • Freeing the Dain

Related Quests Edit

  • Platinum Coldain Insignia Ring (Heritage Quest - 4th Ring Quest)
    • This quest is picked up in Great Divide.
    • It involves killing the first named in the heroic Shadowed Corridors zone and searching the dwarven body lieing in that room.
  • Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring (Heritage Quest - 9th Ring Quest)
    • This quest is picked up on the first floor of the Tower of Frozen Shadow x2 raid zone.
    • It requires collecting items from side rooms in the frozen library, which are only opened after the Librarian (the boss named of the second floor) has been defeated.
    • Note that this quest can be completed in any X2 zone instance where just the bottom two floors have already been cleared.
  • Ring of Dain Frostreaver VI (Heritage Quest - 10th Ring Quest)
    • Whilst this quest does not itself need entry to any Tower of Frozen Shadow zone, it does have the significant pre-requisite that the quest Casting A Long Shadow must have been completed.