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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Phantom Sea  (AA)
Journal Level 102 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Phantom Sea more
How to Start Speak to Waulon Highpebble ( 1268, 23, 1191 ) /waypoint 1268, 23, 1191
part of: Shattered Seas Timeline
Preceded by:
Body of Work
Followed by:

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  • Note: During the AoM timeline, all preceding quests must be completed in order for Waulon to appear on the dock. This includes Heathryn Icepike sub-questline (1221, 19, 1203)
  1. Explore Ghorkaal for possible vampiric arcanum - go to Charnel Grove in northeast Ghorkaal for an update ( 727, 49, 851 ) /waypoint 727, 49, 851
  2. With your Ghorkaal Teir'Dal Illusion active, speak to Ritualist D'Rhivirr
  3. With your Ghorkaal Teir'Dal Illusion active, speak to Tola R'Vorr (727, 49, 815)
  4. Look underneath Stillwater Bridge ( 778, 16, 1106 ) /waypoint 778, 16, 1106
  5. Try to defeat the Teir'Dal attackers - there are three of them, two 102vv and one 102v. When you're just about to kill the last one, you'll be teleported back to Wanderer's Dock in "spirit form".
  6. Return to underneath Stillwater Bridge and retrieve your body (left click your corpse).
  7. Return to Waulon Highpebble on Wanderer's Dock to complete quest (must cancel Ghorkaal Teir'Dal Illusion before he'll speak to you)


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