Titles are prefixes and suffixes you can append to your character's name. They can be obtained in a variety of ways, including but not limited to questing, killing mobs or as Veteran Rewards.

Also see the titles category page for a list of titles by alphabetical order.

Prefix TitlesEdit

Guild Level BasedEdit

These titles can be obtained from a City Merchant in your home city, provided the guild you are in is of sufficient level. They cost coin and status.

Guild Level Male Female

City Faction BasedEdit

These titles can be obtained from a Faction Merchant after gaining enough favor with the desired Faction. They cost coin and status.


Faction Location Titles
The Celestial Watch North Qeynos
The Concordium South Qeynos
The Qeynos Guard North Qeynos
The Tunarian Alliance Eldarr Grove
The Ironforge Exchange (Crafting) North Qeynos


Faction Location Titles
Academy of Arcane Science North Freeport
Dismal Rage North Freeport
Freeport Militia West Freeport
Seafury Buccaneers South Freeport
Coalition of Tradesfolke (Crafting) West Freeport


Faction Location Titles
Order of Arcane Kelethin
Sylvan Hunters Kelethin
House of Falling Stars Kelethin
Protectors of Growth Kelethin
Tunare's Pages (Crafting) Kelethin


Faction Location Titles
The Watchers of Timorous Gorowyn
Academy of Logistics (Crafting) Gorowyn


Faction Location Titles
Agents of Neriak Neriak
The Dark Bargainers (Crafting) Neriak



Alternate Advancement BasedEdit

These titles are obtained by spending AA points in the endline abilities of your Subclass tree.

Warrior Executioner Dragoon Gladiator Demolisher Slayer
Brawler Tiger Sifu Monkey Guru Mantis Master Crane Sensei Eagle Expert
Crusader Avenger Cavalier Sentry Knight Legionnaire
Cleric Bishop Protector Deacon Exorcist Arbiter
Druid Naturalist Animalist Serenicist Hierophant Stormcaller
Shaman Prophet Chieftain Witchdoctor Ritualist Blighter
Sorcerer Invoker Spellshifter Battlemage Sage Kineticist
Enchanter Spellblade Chronomancer Empathic Dreamweaver Savant
Summoner Theurgist Cabalist Perceptor Animist Magician
Bard Bladesinger Wayfarer Skald Harbinger Minstrel
Predator Blademaster Archer Hunter Prowler Nightshade
Animalist Ragehowler Feralkin Chillwarrior Wildcaller Huntmaster
Rogue Blackguard Pirate Mercenary Fencer Thief

Also see "Shadows AA Titles" below.


These titles can be obtained through various questlines.

Aether RacingEdit

Location Title Time
Antonica Bridge Buzzer 134
Butcherblock Sea Hawk 83
Commonlands Portal Jumper 119
Halas Snowflake Chaser 104
Gorowyn Wind Warden 224
Greater Faydark Bixie Barnstormer 94
Lavastorm Smokin' Ace
Neriak Fearless Flyer 89
Tenebrous Tangle Cloud Buster

World Events and Live EventsEdit

Account AgeEdit

Fallen Dynasty PebblesEdit

PvP Server Prefix TitlesEdit

Suffix TitlesEdit


From the Rise of Kunark "Trials" Series in the Kunzar Jungle

From the Rise of Kunark Miscellaneous Quests

From the Order of Rime Repeatable Quests

Heritage QuestsEdit

Dark Mail Gauntlets TimelineEdit


Creature KillsEdit

  • Hunter of X - 500 Kills
  • Slayer of X - 5000 Kills
  • Destroyer of X - 10000 Kills

PvP WritsEdit

  • Seeker of Discord - 1
  • Hunter of Discord - 50
  • Slayer of Discord - 100
  • Destroyer of Discord - 200
  • Champion of Discord - 500
  • Dreadnaught of Discord - 800
  • General of Discord - 1000
  • Master of Discord - 2000
  • Overseer of Discord - 3000
  • Overlord of Discord - 5000



  • the Dragon Slayer - Complete Flawless Victory Achievements in Rise of Kunark raids
  • the Flawless - Complete Flawless Victory Achievements in The Shadow Odyssey raids
  • the Urgent - Complete Sense of Urgency Achievements in The Shadow Odyssey raids
  • the Unkillable - Complete Flawless Victory Achievements in Altar of Malice raids


World Events and Live EventsEdit

Erollisi Day rosesEdit

Each Erollisi Day roses achievement piggybacks onto the previous achievement. Ie. The achivement the Romantic requires you to hand out 100 roses however the 25 roses you handed in for the previous achievement the Flirtatious counts toward the 100 which is why when the next My Romantic Reputation quest stage shows up you only require 75 roses. To obtain all the titles you will need 2000 roses total.

Will of the TyrantEdit

Chronoportal PhenomenonEdit


Account AgeEdit

Fallen Dynasty PebblesEdit


for Kills

for Wins

EQ1/EQOA Heritage TitlesEdit

  • of <EQ1 Server Name> (complete list here)

Any player with an open EQ1 or EQOA account when EQ2 went live in Nov 2005 had the one-character option of this suffix. It is also a 3-year veteran reward, now usable once per character per account.

LoN (Legends of Norrath) Loot Card TitlesEdit

Acquired from booster packs of the Legends of Norrath card game; title depends on expansion

Shadows AA Titles Edit

From the Shadow Odyssey, can be obtained by players of no less than 182 AA points

ClassPrefix TitleSuffix Title
AssassinShadowlurkerThe Executioner
BeastlordPrimalistthe Savage Lord
BerserkerBattlemasterThe Aggressor
BrigandDeceiverThe Bandit
BruiserBattleragerThe Ruffian
CoercerPsionicistThe Mind Bender
ConjurorElementalistThe High Magician
DefilerSpirit WalkerThe Soul Corrupter
DirgeElegistThe Blade Singer
FuryWindcallerThe Stormbringer
GuardianOverlordThe Protector
IllusionistBeguilerThe Shape Shifter
InquisitorArchonThe Battle Cleric
MonkGrandmasterThe Enlightened
MysticLuminaryThe Oracle
NecromancerArch LichThe Heretic
PaladinProtectorThe Crusader
RangerBowyerThe Forest Stalker
ShadowknightDread KnightThe Reaver
SwashbucklerDread PirateThe Cunning Saboteur
TemplarVicarThe High Priest
TroubadorMaestroThe Muse
WardenElder HierophantKeeper of the Glade
WarlockHereticThe Plague Bringer
WizardScholarThe Grand Evoker