The passage of time in Norrath follows a simple set of rules. Norrath experiences both day and night as well as months (I think?).

Being able to keep keep track of Norrath time and convert it to Earth time can be useful for many quests as well as planning your adventures. If a certain event is not set to occur for an hour earth time it is desirable to take on other adventures until your quest event time nears. Nobody wants to wait an hour!

Here are the time conversions so you don't have to use your calculator, but feel free to double check them!

Norrath to Earth Time ConversionEdit

Norrath Time Earth Time
1 Sec 1/20th Sec
1 Min 3 Secs
1 Hour 3 Mins
6 Hours 18 Mins
12 Hours 36 Mins
1 Day 72 Mins
1 Week 8.4 Hours
1 Month ????
1 Year ????

Earth to Norrath Time ConversionEdit

Earth Time Norrath Time
1 Sec 20 Secs
1 Min 20 Mins
1 Hour 20 Hours
3 Hours 2.5 Days
6 Hours 5 Days
12 Hours 10 Days
24 Hours 20 Days

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