The Thundering Steppes
Levels 20-30
Bridge Keep 2
Introduced Shattered Lands
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to
Dungeons Ruins of Varsoon
Quest Lines The Thundering Steppes Timeline
Harvesting Tier 3
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The Thundering Steppes are the remnants of the ancient Plains of Karana. This part of Norrath has been ravaged by cataclysms, leaving the plains pitted and creased. The land weeps and festers with the memories of what has been lost: fallow farmlands, bone-covered riverbeds, dead who cannot rest. Amid this trauma dwell the indigenous races of gnolls, centaurs and hill giants. The forces of Qeynos maintain a presence here, but struggle to re-tame the wild land.

Geography Edit

The Thundering Steppes consist of wide valleys separated by impassable hills. The passes, bridges and dry riverbeds create natural choke points which can be dangerous to the traveler.

Travel Edit

This zone can be reached from Butcherblock Mountains via the docks at Butcherblock Bay.

A network of griffin towers eases travel between many parts of the zone. In the past, it was necessary to complete a quest to use the stations. Starting in 2010, the quest is optional. This quest can be completed by cautious adventurers of any level. The following griffin towers are found in this zone:

The Bridge Keep door closes at nighttime, preventing easy north-south travel. It can only be opened by players who have completed the Bridge Keep Threats quest 3 times. Only those who have picked up the Halasian language can obtain this quest; the language can be purchased in Qeynos or Neriak (and other places).

Map Edit

Map steppes

Town Edit

The underground village of Haven is accessed from within this zone. This town is only accessible to those who have betrayed their cities and been forced into exile. The entrance to Haven is a "sewer hatch" behind the Northern Bandit Camp.

Those who have gained the trust of the Splitpaw gnolls will have access to Sundered Splitpaw: Splitpaw Den, an indoor town zone in the southwest corner of the Thundering Steppes. The den contains menders, merchants and other town services. See the Splitpaw Timeline for details on earning access.

Dungeons Edit

Dungeon Name Level Range Target Audience Zone Type Typical Duration
Ruins of Varsoon 25-35 Group Shared Dungeon 1 hour
Cove of Decay (various) 25-30 Group Instance 20 min

Sundered Splitpaw is an adventure pack that was originally sold as a separate add-on, but has been included for free with Rise of Kunark and The Shadow Odyssey expansions. The following dungeon instances are accessed directly from the Thundering Steppes, while additional instances are accessed from Splitpaw Den.

Dungeon Name Level Range Target Audience Zone Type Typical Duration
Sundered Splitpaw: Upper Tunnels 20-50 (scales) Solo or Group Instance 45 min
Sundered Splitpaw: Delving Into the Darkness 20-50 (scales) Solo Instance 30 min
Sundered Splitpaw: Captive Audience 20-50 (scales) Solo Instance 20 min

Adjacent Zones Edit

Zone Name Level Range Direction Access
Antonica 10-20 North pass at Antonican Road; or cave at The Sabertooth Den
The Barren Sky 60-68 Above (in the Overrealm) via Ulteran Spire at Thundermist Valley

Travel Hub Edit

The Thundering Steppes is a major travel hub for the Shattered Lands. The Dead River Docks sees regular ship traffic, and provides easy sea travel throughout the central region of Norrath. The following lands are accessed by ship from the Dead River Docks:

Zone Name Level Range Direction Access
Butcherblock Mountains 20-35 East (across the Ocean of Tears) via Ship at Dead River Docks
Nektulos Forest 20-30 East (across the Tranquil Sea) via Mariner Bell at Dead River Docks
Zek, the Orcish Wastes 30-40 North (across the Sea of Mist) via Mariner Bell at Dead River Docks
The Feerrott 35-45 South (across the Blackwater Sea) via Mariner Bell at Dead River Docks
Everfrost 40-50 North (across the Fanged Sea) via Mariner Bell at Dead River Docks
Island of Mara 55-65 South (across the Buried Sea) via Mariner Bell at Dead River Docks

Revive Locations Edit

Revive Location Description
Dead River Docks On the beach
Village of Thundermist North side
Coldwind Cove Beside the griffin tower

Quests Edit

Unlike most mid-level zones, the Thundering Steppes was never revamped and does not contain any long quest series. Adventurers will find a smattering of quests at the main hubs of the zone: Dead River Docks, Bridge Keep, Village of Thundermist and the valley nearby. See the Thundering Steppes Timeline for a list.

The Splitpaw Saga series of quests take place entirely within the dungeons located in this zone. Through these quests, you will befriend the Splitpaw gnolls and take on the competing tribes that threaten them.

Quest Hub Level Range Notes
Antonican Road 20-22 Starting hub from Qeynos
Dead River Docks 20-30 Travel hub
Village of Thundermist 20-26 Also see Bridge Keep nearby

Similar Zones Edit

Zone Name Level Range Region Notes
Nektulos Forest 20-30 Shattered Lands More solo quest lines
Butcherblock Mountains 20-35 Faydwer Many solo quests; a recommended zone

Notes Edit

The centaurs and the gnolls in the Thundering Steppes are on diametrically opposed factions. If you wish to repair your faction with one of these groups, you can do so by slaughtering many of the other faction.

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