Race wyvern

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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) Skyshrine: The Underdepths (LU63)
Race Wyvern
Level 98▲▲▲ Tier 10 Heroic , (Approx. HP: 23.500.000)
Location 2nd boss room
Reported Drops
Melee Attacks Slash/Poison
Special Attacks
  • Trample (Crushing)
  • Savage Goring (Poison/Slashing)
  • Slaughter (Slashing/Poison)
  • Elemental Sundering (Heat)
AA Exp Yes
Status Points unknown

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Theldek is leashed in the room so tank him in one of the far corners. At around 75%, 50%, and 25% a large number of drakes spawn. These drakes can be ignored with high enough DPS but it is suggested that the group stop DPS on Theldek the Stinger when the adds spawn. Then continue DPS on the boss after all adds are down. If you have good aoe dps, it may be easier to ignore the adds and focus on the mob. If you kill all of his adds they only add up to a couple of million so they are easy to kill.

Theldek will stun the group from time to time and you will be unable to cast, sometimes it coincides with his add spawning. With that in mind, make sure to keep the tank healed and buffed. Theldek will fear when low on health and because of his leash, he may reset if you run off too far. Pretty much tank and spank encounter.