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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Palace of the Awakened  (AA)
Journal Level 67 (Tier 7)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Palace of the Awakened more
How to Start Write in the Salutations of Naar'Yora in the Palace of the Awakened.
part of: Claymore Timeline
Preceded by:
The Quill of the Flock
Followed by:
The Maidens' Reception
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What does this information mean?


  • This heroic quest is part 16 of the Claymore Timeline. You must have completed the previous steps to begin this one.

Steps Edit

  1. Read all the way through the Salutations of Naar'Yora again after completing The Quill of the Flock to get this quest.
  2. Investigate the Visage of Aeristok (Statue in fountain; right click at close range to inspect) at ( -1, 0, -2 ) /waypoint -1, 0, -2.
  3. Find 6 eyes. Off of the fountain room there are two hallways (opened by killing the ethereal idols around the room). Eyes 1-3 are found to the north and eyes 4-6 are found to the south. Each eye has a random spawn location in its area, and only one of each eye spawns at a time. Respawn is approximately 5 minutes.
    1. Vibrant: spawns in the north hallway around ( -0, -0, -84 ) /waypoint -0.29, -0.13, -84.45.
      Eye of Aeristok

      Eye of Aeristok

    2. Dynamic: spawns in the hallway that wraps around the circular room at the end of the north hallway, or in the four inner rooms around ( 55, -0, -111 ) /waypoint 55, -0.13, -111.
    3. Colorful: spawns at the end of the north hallway around ( 53, -0, -155 ) /waypoint 53, -0.14, -155.
    4. Prismatic: spawns in the south hallway around ( -0, -0, 80 ) /waypoint -0.30, -0.13, 80.
    5. Vivid: spawns in the hallway that wraps around the circular room at the end of the south hallway around ( 90, -0, 111 ) /waypoint 90, -0.13, 111.
    6. Sparkling: spawns in one of the four inner rooms of the circular room at the end of the south hallway around ( 54, -0, 109 ) /waypoint 54, -0.13, 109.
  4. Find 6 more eyes dropped from flying guillotines and palace sentinels (common update)
  5. Return to the statue in the fountain and inspect the base.
  6. This will spawn Visage of Aeristok (68^). This is a timed event (15 minutes). Kill it to complete the quest.
    • It used to be (Heroic 68^^).

Reward Edit

  • Experience
  • 30g 77s

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