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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Deity  (AA)
Journal Level 20 (Tier 3)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Timorous Deep more
How to Start Speak to Justinian Theo on the beach next to Chrykori Village in Timorous Deep ( -291, 1, -156 ) /waypoint -291, 1, -156
part of: The Tribunal Timeline
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  1. Six tablets were stolen from the Temple. You must search Timorous Deep to find them based on the clues given.
    • Note: tablets will need to be collected in order. #2 won't become visible until you've collected #1 and so on.
    1. Tablet 1: by the raptors which stand around dead spirocs up from the starting area ( -18, 50, 423 ) /waypoint -18, 50, 423 Eq2map.
    2. Tablet 2: beneath a tree ( 2382, 60, 1002 ) /waypoint 2382, 60, 1002 Eq2map on the right of the path leading up to Gorowyn city. Take the griffin from Chrykori to Gorowyn, head up the path to the city. Note: If you evac, it puts you in close proximity to spawn site.
    3. Tablet 3: underwater beneath the shark's head that's hanging on the Gorowyn docks ( 2311, -10, 1396 ) /waypoint 2311, -10, 1396 Eq2map. Two ways to get there: go over the hill to the docks through the spirocs OR go through the city to the dock entrance.
    4. Tablet 4: in an alcove in the outside wall at The Blood Works on Mok Rent ( 1964, 45, 386 ) /waypoint 1964, 45, 386 Eq2map. Two ways to get there: head to Gorowyn Beach Outpost, across the beach where the Blackshields are, across to Mok Rent, go up the stairs and right to The Blood Works OR take the griffin to Mok Rent, head across the bridge, along the path to The Blood Works.
    5. Tablet 5: top of the waterfall at Mok Rent quest area ( 1914, 47, -230 ) /waypoint 1914, 47, -230 Eq2map. From Blood Works, follow the path to Mok Rent, go over the bridge, to the right of the bridge is the waterfall, it's just at the fall's edge.
    6. Tablet 6:On the northernmost tip on Chrykori Island, viewable on the map ( 260, 5, -714 ) /waypoint 260, 5, -714 Eq2map. Take the griff from Mok Rent to Chrykori, head back to Justinian's area, go north, will be attacked by a goblin.
      • Killing the goblin will give you the message "You have lost favor with Bristlebane." Completing this quest gives 1250 faction with The Tribunal, but no further faction loss with Bristlebane.
  2. Return to Justinian ( -291, 2, -155 ) /waypoint -290.70, 1.53, -155.28.