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The Stormhammer Timeline

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The Stormhammer Timeline
1. The Hammer of Below Collection
2. The Stormhammer
2.1a. Burning the Black Sun Grizzly Rug
2.1b. Remnants of a Traitor
2.2a. Shards of the Eye of Stormhammer
2.2b. Refurbished Goods


  1. The Hammer of Below
  2. The Stormhammer
    1. You must find the way into the Haunted Vaults:
    2. Killing three mobs in the last room of the Haunted Vaults will spawn three ghosts, giving the three sub-quests:

Final RewardEdit


Soe logo white EQ2i credits the SOE/DBG Forums for some of the information in this article.

  • Some additional information for this timeline came from mmodb

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