The Stonebrunt Highlands
Levels 81-90
Introduced Sentinel's Fate
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to
Quest Lines The Stonebrunt Highlands Timeline
Harvesting Tier 9
Quests NPCs Monsters Named
Drops Instances POIs Discos

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Contains EQ1 zones Erudin and Stonebrunt Mountains.

Lore Edit

Geography Edit

Travel Edit

Accesible via the Ulteran Spires.

Another route is available between The Sundered Frontier Toxxulia Forest Station and The Stonebrunt Highlands Intercontinental Temporal Station.

Map Edit

Dungeons Edit

Dungeon Name Level Range Target Audience Zone Type Typical Duration
Library of Erudin 90 Group Instanced Dungeon 30 Min with all 90s or less
Erudin Research Halls 90 Group Instanced Dungeon  ?
Royal Palace of Erudin 90 Group Instanced Dungeon  ?

Raids Edit

The Palace of Roehn Theer: Level 90 x4 raid accessed via a Temporal pathfinder on The Marred Plateau Launch Pad.

Adjacent Zones Edit

Zone Name Level Range Direction Access
The Sundered Frontier 75-90 South (Intercontinental Temporal Station) via a Temporal pathfinder
The Vasty Deep 90 North in Deepwater Pavilion clicky at ( -160, 174, -368 ) /waypoint -160, 174, -368 Eq2map

Revive Locations Edit

Revive Location Description

Quests Edit

The Stonebrunt Highlands Timeline

Similar Zones Edit

Zone Name Level Range Region Notes

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