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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Heritage  (AA)
Journal Level 40 (Tier 5)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone The City of Freeport more
How to Start Speak to Rumdum ( -236, -55, 12 ) /waypoint -236, -55, 12 in the tavern on the docks in East Freeport. He does not give up this quest easily so you need to buy him 4 drinks at 4 silver each to loosen his tongue.
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Greenblood bouncer ph

Sample Greenblood Bouncer

  • In order to start the quest you must be level 35 or higher.
  • This quest must be completed to progress along the Illusionist Epic.
  • As of LU43, bouncers spawn 100% of the time. No more placeholders! They are all level 38-40^^^.

Steps Edit

  • For the Good aligned, you can get to East Freeport by accessing Thieves Way from the manhole in Commonlands at ( -1251, -83, 119 ) /waypoint -1251, -83, 119
  1. Rumdum will send you to collect the broken pieces of the stein from four bouncers. These are the large, ghostly ogres that can be found throughout The Feerrott. As of LU43, the four bouncers are 100% spawns.
    1. Left half - Bouncer Flerb - Found along the path south from the docks to near the domesticated sattars and Rallosian Mage Shrine ( -184, -6, 460 ) /waypoint -184, -6, 460.
    2. Right half - Bouncer Fug - Found to the east of Murdunk's Fall amongst the thule sattars. ( -446, 2, 146 ) /waypoint -446, 2, 146 ( -617, -1, 139 ) /waypoint -617.19, -1.15, 138.64
    3. Handle - Bouncer Hurd - Wanders around the southwest of the zone near Cythan. ( -16, 7, 770 ) /waypoint -16, 7, 770 His exact spawn is ( 12, 23, 845 ) /waypoint 12, 23, 845.
    4. Lid - Bouncer Prud - He spawns by the Golgoth Bridge near where Flerb is found ( -292, -5, 493 ) /waypoint -292, -5, 493. After spawning Prud runs along the road northeast. This is a long road, that goes north, then loops back south again to the meandering section on the south of the map, and then back north on the around way to ( -1296, 2, 650 ) /waypoint -1296, 2, 650 Alliz Tae Outpost on the east map where he seems to despawn.
  2. Return to Rumdum with the parts and he will tell you that you need the Blood Ruby to rebuild the stein.
  3. You will need to get this from Clurg the Bartender, a fairly difficult level 40^^^ mob. To spawn Clurg, swim to the bottom of the pond that is found north of Cythan in The Feerrott ( 30, -9, 698 ) /waypoint 30, -9, 698. Killing him will give you the update.
  4. Go back to Rumdum. He will sell you the recipe to craft the stein for 4 silver (enough to buy him another ale). You will get The Blood Ruby, The Four Parts of the Stein of Moggok and Clurg's Family Stein Recipe. You must be at least a level 9 artisan to scribe the recipe.
  5. Craft the Stein to complete the quest and get your reward. The recipe is a level 9 artificing recipe and requires the two components given to you in the previous step, a glimmering material (semi-rare harvestable) and a Basic Coal for fuel. This is done at a Work Bench. You can have someone craft this as a consignment for you if they have already done the quest and have the recipe.

Reward Edit

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