The Sprawl
Levels 5-10
Introduced Shattered Lands
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to
Quest Lines Freeport Outlying Areas Timeline
Harvesting Tier 1
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What we now call the Sprawl was once an inner city residential district of Freeport. As the city grew, those with money moved to nicer areas, leaving behind the dregs of society. When the Rending struck, this place was hit pretty hard.

There was no point in rebuilding. New residential districts like Big Bend and Scale Yard had already been established, and there was simply too much damage to justify the expense. The old windmills that used to supply some of Freeport's energy were obsolete, so there was nothing worth saving here. The Overlord decided to leave this place as is.


The Sprawl is a ruined former residential district of Freeport populated by bottom-feeding gangs and other vagrants and ruffians who aren't citizens of Freeport and aren't allowed in the city. Originally, the area was under a three-way turf war between the Giantslayers, the Black Magi, and the Guttersnipes.

However, this changed when the zone was revamped in LU19. Dervishes from The Commonlands moved in and took over the Guttersnipes. The Dreadnaughts responded to the Dervish encroachment by entering the Sprawl and taking over the Giantslayers. The Dreadnaughts now recruit adventurers to continue their agenda against the Dervishes and Black Magi.


The Sprawl is small enough that it can be traversed on foot. The gate leading to The Commonlands is in the west, the hatch leading to Serpent Sewer in the southwest, and a gate to The Ruins is in the southeast. There is also a City Mariner's Bell in the northwest near the locked gate that once lead to Big Bend.

Good and Exiled adventurers can safely access the zone via Mariner's Bell. The gate to the Commonlands is well guarded on the Commonlands side but safe on The Sprawl side, and the gate to The Ruins is guarded on both sides by 20^^^ guards. The safest way into Freeport for those unwelcome there is through the Mariner's Bell on The Commonlands docks to The Sprawl, and then into the sewer and up to Freeport proper.

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