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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Queen's Colony
Journal Level 6 (Tier 1)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Queen's Colony more
How to Start Speak to Cleric Mara'Vaen ( 231, -3, 153 ) /waypoint 231, -3, 153 in Dead Canyon.
Preceded by:
Joining the Forward Ranks
Followed by:

What does this information mean?

This quest is part 6 of a 6-quest series in the Qeynos Timeline.

Steps Edit

  1. Report to Sorcerer Oofala ( 48, -3, -168 ) /waypoint 48, -3, -168 at the far end of The Abandoned Village.
  2. Destroy 3 totems, scattered about the abandoned village. They look like giant wooden hands sticking out of the ground.
  3. Return to Oofala.
  4. Kill The Dark Blademaster ( 160, 0, -177 ) /waypoint 160, 0, -177 near the fog on Sapswill Hill.
  5. Return to Oofala.
  6. Seek out High Chieftain Grexx ( -67, 13, -165 ) /waypoint -67, 13, -165 at the Last Stand, a tree house east of the village.
  7. Enter The Source of Evil ( -112, 4, -172 ) /waypoint -112, 4, -172 a cave to the northeast of the tree house.
  8. Kill Vith L'Tar and any other non-pet monsters that spawn.
    • You need to destroy the 4 totems in the cave.
    • You may need to kill groups of tainted goblins to get to the totems.
    • As soon as you near Vith L'Tar, you will begin to spawn waves of undead. The only way to stop the waves from continuing is to destroy all the totems.
    • Once you destroy the 4th totem, Vith L'Tar becomes attackable.
  9. Return to High Chieftain Grexx to report your success.
  10. Return to Murrar Shar ( -15, -5, 182 ) /waypoint -15, -5, 182 in front of Myrrin's Tower for your reward.

Rewards Edit

One of the following, depending on your class:


Continue with quests in the Qeynos Racial Timeline.

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